Car repairs Brighton:

If you are looking for exceptional auto repair services in Brighton, make the short drive to At Yours to find what you are looking for, end to end with owing customer service and vehicle familiarity. Whether it’s brake repair, front-end work, or booked maintenance, we’ve got the ability and know-how to treat your vehicle accurately and to give you a boundless experience.

All of our services sponsored by our promise of morality, honesty, and esteem for every one of our clients. We want you to have the very best service each time, so we regularly go above and beyond to ensure your gratification. We don’t only take the time to explain your car’s existing difficulties, we look for habits to stop future problems from taking place. When you come into our shop, your car will obtain a courtesy checkup – giving our squad a full understanding of the health of your car. This services us make the best references for future car repairs Brighton services!

Courtesy Cars, Vehicle Collection & Delivery Services:

We welcome clients old and new, employment or fleet, business users, or private vehicle proprietors. We take great pride in the quality and competence of our service – and we are constantly keen to keep our prices reasonable. Through our hard work, we have advanced a robust customer base for our car repair services spreading to Patcham, Portslade, Shoreham, Falmer, Bevendean,  Lancing, and throughout Brighton. From a slight scrape to a large insurance entitlement we are a “Non-Fault Accident” claims expert and will give you a free advice through your insurance claim.

The Importance of Automotive Maintenance:

We all identify the terrifying scene as a car proprietor: An unforeseen failure that takes the car out of instruction and costs hundreds of dollars or more to fix. In some gears, there’s nothing you can prepare to stop an automotive breakdown. But, following a steady timetable of auto maintenance can stop several serious automotive breakdowns and problems.

This regular maintenance stops little problems from becoming big complications. Spending smaller quantities of money to stay on top of the well-being of your car can pay big bonuses. In avoiding the types of major car distress that take a vast bite out of your finances.

The good news when it comes to cost for automotive. Preservation is that most types of maintenance are suggested at regular interludes. That means you can get ahead months in advance. When you’ll want to bring your car in, and validate your budget accounts for it.

Routine auto repair services:

Your car works tougher than any quantity of equipment you likely own. Cataloguing hundreds or thousands of miles at high rapidity each month. Your tires, engine, brakes, and all other car components have put you under constant stress daily.

That kind of wear and tear takes a toll, ultimately. To keep your car running efficiently, it’s essential to replace and adjust certain systems in the vehicle over time. The following is a swift of some of the episodic automotive maintenance items you should anticipate to keep your car in tip-top shape.

(Please note that with all of the under items, the usual cost is based on a countrywide average. You may discover prices to be slightly lower or advanced depending on your area. And in addition, there are constantly certain add-ons or special environments that can result in an advanced or lower price.)

Wheel Alignment auto repair services

The wheels on your car are established to very detailed angles so that they roll spontaneously and appropriately. Having suitably allied wheels, significant. Because misaligned wheels will lead to important rough tire wear and can cause complications with your suspension mechanisms.

The main culprit in a vehicle’s wheels losing appropriate alignment is any kind of sudden impact. This can be all from hitting a pothole to bumping into a curb or other stationary item to getting into a car accident. Also, not all influences have the same consequence on wheel configuration. A gigantic impact can throw configuration far out of whack promptly. With smaller influences, the effect is slow and increasing.  It’s a good idea to have a wheel alignment each time you install new tires to make certain. Your wheel system heightens and to do follow-up maintenance having the wheels aligned every few years.


GDR can repair all models and all types of garage doors
We can also service existing garage doors.


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