Although technology and medical science have made advancements and found cures for almost all diseases, some illnesses remain incurable. One of the most dangerous of all is HIV, which causes AIDS. Scientists are still trying to find the cure for it, but it has been suggested to take precautions until a cure is discovered. The safest precaution is that men have adult circumcision surgery, which reduces the risk of HIV and other infections and diseases.

Views of Surgeons about Adult Circumcision Surgery and HIV

The main reason for spreading diseases and infections through sexual activities is that men can’t maintain their hygiene. This is because the foreskin will not pull back easily; so that the penis is cleaned. As the penis remains uncleaned, bacteria, viruses, and germs develop. But the men who were circumcised had fewer issues of hygiene.

What to Know About HIV and AIDS?

Indeed, scientists have not yet found any cure for HIV and AIDS, but progress has been made to make sure that people with this disease have a near-normal life expectancy. Before you decide to have circumcision surgery to prevent infections and diseases from spreading to others, knowing the following points about HIV and AIDS is important.

Explaining HIV in Detail

HIV is the short form of human immunodeficiency virus, which typically attacks the body’s immune systems. As the body’s defense mechanism weakens, the whole body is exposed to germs and other diseases. This exposure leads to the body having other dangerous illnesses that might prove fatal if not treated at the right time.

Learning about AIDS

People often confuse HIV and AIDS and think that they are the same. But both are different as HIV is the name of the virus, as mentioned in the above paragraph. AIDS occurs at the last stage during the development of the virus. AIDS is the acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, in which the immune system becomes extremely weak, and attack of other diseases becomes more frequent.

How is HIV Transmitted?

Researchers have found that HIV and AIDS spread through the following four ways. But an important point to note here is that the virus should enter the body for a person to be affected.

  • The patient had unsafe sexual activities with another person infected with HIV.
    1. A person is using needles that the affected person has already used.
  • The blood of the infected individual is transferred to another.
  • Either of the parents had the virus, and the child inherited it.

What Symptoms are Present?

Suppose you visit a clinic or medical facility, including Circumcision Center, for the surgery to have less risk of HIV. In that case, the surgeon and other medical experts there will inform the patient about the infected person’s symptoms.

When the patients have the primary infection, they display symptoms including fever, headaches, rash, swollen lymph glands, painful muscles, joints, mouth, and a sour throat. When the disease develops into a chronic infection, fever, and swollen lymph nodes, the patient experiences fatigue, weight loss, diarrhea, oral yeast infection, and shingles on the body.

Can HIV be Treated?

Scientists cannot find the permanent cure for HIV that leads to AIDS. Whatever medicines have been developed, they have reduced the spread of the virus within the patient’s body, but a complete cure has yet to be discovered. 

You can do certain things if you want to avoid having the virus. These include using condoms during sexual activities, using a new needle every time, getting medical treatment during pregnancy, and men should consider circumcision surgery for adults.

Circumcision Surgery for Adults Preventing HIV Spread

As mentioned in the above paragraph, there is no definite cure for HIV and AIDS. Still, medications are available that decrease the effects of the virus and might increase life expectancy. Doctors and surgeons have suggested that if you want to reduce the risk of having HIV, then circumcision surgery is the best option.

How is the Surgery Performed?

The surgeon will use different tools and techniques to remove the foreskin from the penis covering the whole tip. Removing this skin length will make it easy for men to clean the penis. And avoid spreading germs, bacteria, and viruses that cause illnesses like HIV and AIDS.

Other Health Benefits Circumcision Provide

Along with keeping the penis clean, the best adult circumcision surgery also gives health benefits, including reducing the risk of having UTI, STIs, STDs, and preventing penile and prostate cancer.

How does Circumcision Reduce HIV Spread?

Many kinds of infections and diseases can develop under the foreskin of the penis. And sometimes, it is difficult to clean it. If a cut develops on the penis and you can’t see it because of the foreskin covering it. Then it is a possibility that the human immunodeficiency virus can enter the body. But after adult circumcision surgery, the penis is exposed, and you can see everything. The spread of the virus is reduced, and you are at a lower risk of developing AIDS.


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