In her gynecologist’s waiting room, Iris (27) is excitedly scouring the topic of abortion on the Internet with her cell phone. There she finds the website of the SHMK. She’s about to write an email to the emergency call center Abortion pills in UAE: “I’m currently sitting in the waiting room at my gynecologist. I’m pregnant I’m actually there to have an abortion. I’m so confused, what should I do? “

After completing her commercial apprenticeship, Iris had a job that she could live with. But when she lost her job because of an employer’s reorganization, the trouble began. She did not get out of unemployment and became dependent on welfare. So how happy she was when she was finally allowed to take up a new position. But now, while still on probation, she becomes pregnant. Just don’t go back to welfare, she thinks and goes to the gynecologist at Abortion pills in UAE with the intention of having an abortion.

The consultant will contact you immediately

When Iris leaves the doctor’s office, she already has an answer from the Abortion pills in UAE counselor on her cell phone: She can understand her wish to have a child with the “right man”. However, there is no absolute certainty about the “right man”. The only thing that is certain is that the child is already there. It makes sense to seek professional advice and help in a situation that seems hopeless. She has already taken the first step towards this.

Shortly afterwards, Iris, agitated and constantly crying, describes her situation to the counselor on the phone: She is terrified that the child will endanger her new start in her career. Your boyfriend is traumatized from his youth in the children’s home and is receiving psychological treatment. He is a 50% IV recipient. She cannot count on him for the upbringing and maintenance of the child – in any case he is completely against the child. However, it was warm to her heart when she saw the child on the ultrasound. Her heart speaks for the child, but her fears speak against it. That’s why she got an abortion appointment by Abortion pills in UAE.

Fear is a bad advisor, the advisor explains to Iris. Having an abortion in a panic even though she has feelings for the child can be very stressful for her later. It is certainly appropriate to explore the possibilities for a life with the child. So both of them arrange a meeting at the SHMK.

The abortion pill in hand

However, Iris has not yet made the appointment. She is too torn. Now she even goes to the hospital and has the abortion pill given. But she doesn’t take it. First the visit to the Abortion pills in UAE should take place.

When Iris and a friend come to the counselor, a long conversation develops. The perplexed woman fears the child as an additional cost factor and as an obstacle to an improvement in her financial situation. The counselor defuses Iris’ pessimism by giving her to understand that the  Best Abortion pills in UAE.

can support her materially and financially. Iris is finally able to see: Her panic is unfounded in view of such concrete offers of help. It takes a load off her heart and she decides to have her child.

Unfortunately, what Iris feared then happened: Her employer fired her during her probationary period when he noticed the pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, she cannot find a new job and has to apply for social assistance again. But Iris no longer wants to shake her decision to have a child. Rather, she is confident that the Pill in UAE will now help her prepare for the birth and provide her with everything she needs for the baby. Another advocate is that her boyfriend no longer puts pressure on an abortion.

Inner peace as a mother

After the birth of her boy, Iris really blossoms in her motherhood. “My child is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life,” she says to the counselor. She thanks the Abortions’ center warmly for encouraging her to become a child and for taking away her fear of the future by offering concrete help. She does need support, because welfare suddenly claims to have paid her too much in the past and is demanding repayment. So that Iris can make ends meet with the baby, she provides the Pregnancy termination center with food vouchers on a monthly basis until the situation improves.

Despite the difficult situation, Iris has inner peace: «My sunshine and I are doing wonderfully. It was 100% the right decision to have my child, »she writes to the counselor.



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