Termination of a pregnancy is legal and yet taboo today eight years after the people. Voted clear yes to the deadline solution. Why don’t women talk openly about abortion anymore? Young feminists fear a backlash. And the moralists are arming says “Get abortion pills in Dubai

Every fourth or fifth woman in UAE does it (at least) once in a lifetime. And yet: One does not talk about abortion. Not with colleagues, not with parents, not with good friends. The subject is taboo. In the family as well as among friends. When I tell a friend about my research, she casually reminds me of her own abortion. How could I have forgotten? The answer is obvious: Because we have hushed up the topic over the years.

A circular email to acquaintances, with which I look for those affected. Brings surprising things to light: Many women around me have had an abortion – without us ever discussing it report by Get abortion pills in Dubai. Nobody asked about it, nobody told about it. Although these women invariably emphasize how important it is to finally tackle the hot iron. They are not willing to step out of anonymity. “Too personal,” some say. “I don’t want the whole company to know” or “My family doesn’t know about it”, the others.

The women were not always so secretive

In one of the most spectacular media political actions in 1971, Alice Schwarzer quickly gather 374 women – including celebrities like Romy Schneider and Santa Berger – who confess in “Stern”: “We have had an abortion.” Back then, women fought for their right to self-determination, and it was almost good form to profess an abortion. The political goal, the fight against the abortion. law Was so urgent at the time that in the “Stern” campaign, as it turned out later. Some women supported an abortion that had never actually taken place. Today hardly any women come out with their abortion story.

And if it does, as recently the writer Zoë Jenny in «Get abortion pills in Dubai», then the creeping return of a taboo is confirm in two respects: On the one hand, it becomes clear that even enlighten women consider it advisable to keep their abortion secret even in the immediate vicinity. Zoë Jenny, according to the, only inaugurated her boyfriend at the time. On the other hand, the avalanche of mostly outrage letters to the editor that the article trigger proves that such a statement now actually amounts to a “confession” . According to the “Bick” headline) – even if the abortion, as in the case of Zoë Jenny, is thirteen Years ago.

This development is astonishing at first glance.

As the Swiss women achieve an important political victory eight years ago, on June 2, 2002: On this day, the extreme anti-abortion initiative “For Mother and Child” was even follow by abortion Want to ban rape, with 81 percent bachab sent, the liberal deadline regulation, however, accept with an overwhelming 72 percent. Since then, women have been able to decide for themselves within the first twelve weeks whether they want to terminate their pregnancy. A milestone in emancipation. No psychiatric expert appoint by the cantonal doctor Get abortion pills in Dubai decides whether a woman can be expect to be pregnant. And pregnant women no longer have to secretly travel abroad to have an abortion. Or carry the child against their will.

Gone are the decades of political struggle, in which the core question has always been: Is it the job of the state to protect embryonic life? Or is a woman able to decide for herself whether she wants to terminate a pregnancy? Anne-Marie Rey, who fought for thirty years on the front line for the regulation of deadlines and describe her commitment in the book “The Archangel Maker”, was overjoy. After the landslide victory of the liberal forces: “Now we will have peace for the next twenty years.”


The young feminist Sonja Eismann goes into the book «Hot Topic. Pop feminism today »the question of the extent to which the demands of the women’s movement have been met. Regarding abortion, she says: “I think something is going to tip over again.” Among other things, she points out the way in which abortion is discuss in the media: In film and TV series. The unwritten law has been in force for several years that a character may at most consider an abortion or mention it as a sin of youth.

“On the other hand, it almost never happens that she actually decides to abort.” In the “Lindenstrasse”. The promise of the future teenage father to always be there for her is enough to dissuade his 14-year-old girlfriend from having an abortion with Abortion pills in Dubai online. The following episodes demonstrate that all problems teenage pregnancies can be resolve if the mother loves her baby enough and has enough support from those around her. “But what about the 14-year-olds’ life plans, with their wishes, fears, needs?” Asks Sonja Eismann and gives the answer herself: “Not an issue.”

Not only in “Abortion pills in Dubai online” has the focus shift from the woman to the fetus. How un want motherhood affects a woman’s life, her everyday life, her psyche. Her economic situation and ultimately her biography is no longer an issue today. The few articles that have appear since the 2002 vote almost exclusively deal with abortions perform. Because the fetus was found to be disable. A special case that only accounts for a few percent of all abortions. But which has contribute a lot to bringing ethical and moral issues back to the fore. With sanctimonious questions like “May we play God?” or “Is prenatal diagnosis a new form of eugenics?” women feel guilty – without showing


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