For many people, buying a Diamond Engagement Ring usually means a tough decision to make between moissanite vs. diamond and moissanite vs. lab diamond.

The reason for this is not far-fetched considers that these 3 gemstones are visibly similar to each other. The difference between diamond, laboratory diamond, and moissanite can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

Moissanite vs Diamonds


While diamond costs the most, laboratory diamond and moissanite are the closest. In addition, diamond is the finest naturally occurring gemstone diamond of this three, moissanite and laboratory diamonds are man-made (however, some moissanite are cut from real meteorite).

Many jewelry lovers cannot tell the difference between these beautiful gemstones, so we must learn about them. In this guide, we have discussed in detail the differences between moissanite, diamond, and laboratory diamond. First, we would describe each gemstone individually, and then round off this guide with more information on buying a beautiful engagement ring that suits your tastes, budget, and your fiancĂ©e’s expectations.


Of the three stones, moissanite is the cheapest and very popular as a diamond alternative. Many buyers are always so keen on moissanite rings versus diamond cost because these two stones are physically similar. Moissanite looks like a diamond in every way. Interestingly, moissanite was originally out of this world and came from meteorites found in space. Made from silicon carbide compounds, humans have been able to replicate moissanite in the laboratory.

It is an ideal diamond alternative that is lab-made flawless and brilliant in every way. Best of all, it is affordable and easy to acquire when compared to diamonds. Specific moissanite have a different color when viewed under different lights.

Moissanite has, on average, more luster than diamond, thanks to its higher fire rating of 0.104 compared to diamonds of 0.044. This simply means that moissanite diffracts light more than diamond does. If you want to own a sparkling stone, you need to study the moissanite versus diamond debate carefully before making a final decision.

Likened to diamond, moissanite diamond comes very close and has a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale. In terms of hardness, it ranks second only to diamond, which means you can rest assured that your moissanite ring will hold up.

In the word of size, 1 carat moissanite is larger than 1 carat diamond, but in terms of weight, the diamond is about 15% heavier. Diamonds still have the upper hand for several reasons, as you will learn later in this guide.


Diamonds are naturally occurring gemstones that have been created on the earth over billions of years. Although it shares the same characters as man-made diamonds, also known as laboratory diamonds, people would generally choose it if given a choice.

Nobody can tell the difference between natural diamonds and laboratory-made diamonds with the naked eye. Differences can only be seen in devices specially designed for this purpose. Whether the comparison is Moissanite vs. Diamond, or Diamond vs. Lab Diamond, or Moissanite vs. Lab Diamond, the top gemstone is still diamond.

This beautiful, coveted, and valuable gemstone is so rare that it can be passed on from generation to generation as an investment vehicle or heirloom. Diamond has a hardness of 10 and is, therefore, the hardness of the earth. This property also makes it extremely sturdy and durable for everyday use and usage.

In words of brilliance, diamond has less refraction and scatters colors less than laboratory diamond and moissanite diamond. This feature is one of the diamond’s unique features that set it apart from the other two gemstones. Diamonds often come with a certification, so we recommend purchasing a GIA or IGI certified diamond to get the best possible quality.

As great as diamonds are, the price tag is quite high, so it is important to plan your budget accordingly. If you are on a tight budget, consider buying lower carat diamonds as you would get similar value from them. Alternatively, you can review and compare lab diamonds, moissanite rings, and diamond costs before making a final decision.

Lab Diamond

Lab diamond is a diamond that is usually man-made in a month. In contrast to natural diamonds, laboratory diamond is environmentally friendly, durable, and costs around 50% less. If you want to own a diamond without spending too much money on it, Lab diamond is a great choice. Visibly, both diamond and laboratory diamond are the same, as special equipment is requires to find out any differences.

Many young couples choose lab diamonds because they are more reasonable, but those with the funds would always go for diamonds. In terms of investment, laboratory diamonds are a pure option as they are neither rare nor comparable to diamonds, which are naturally occurring and have a history.

Lab diamonds are grads 4Cs of diamonds color, carat, cut, and clarity. The cost range is based solely on the shape, cut, color, and purity of the respective laboratory diamond.

Fundamental Differences between Moissanite vs. Diamond vs. Lab-Diamond

When it comes to moissanite versus diamond, the first is much cheaper as it costs 10% or less of the cost of the diamond. It also has a high index of refraction, which means it reflects more colors than other gemstones. Diamond is rare, expensive, and has more overall value. When money is not a problem, a diamond is always preferable. However, it is not bad either. It’s a matter of choice in terms of the moissanite rings versus the diamond cost.

For the comparison between moissanite and laboratory diamond, the differences are similar to those between moissanite and diamond. Both gemstones are laboratory made, beautiful, affordable, and do not require harmful mining as is the case with diamonds. Laboratory diamonds are chemically and structurally identical to diamonds. It is also made primarily from silicon carbide as the only original resource material is a fallen meteorite, which is rare. It is a durable, affordable, and brilliant diamond alternative for engagement ring buyers.

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