Doors can transform any area to provide an excellent aesthetic value and offer various functionalities. For instance, patio doors make your garden easily accessible while also illuminating the indoors with natural light. Ventilation doors installed in the bathroom can provide much-needed privacy while circulating the air. 

However, there are many things that homeowners have to consider before selecting the correct door type, including the designs. These designs are available in several different styles, such as French, sliding, and bifold. People often find it daunting to choose between French and sliding doors. Hence, this post will look at the pointers that make these doors different and which one you should select. 

French Doors

French doors open from the centre and are hinged on the sides that determines where the doors will swing open – indoor or outside. These doors are considered classic as compared to contemporary doors. However, this classical look only makes French doors a popular choice among homeowners. 

French doors are perfect for space lacking breadth as these doors are longer than they are wider. Hence, you can install French doors in cramped spaces. In addition, French doors composed of aluminium are lightweight and undergo TEXGUARD coating, which makes them resistant to significant wear and wear. In fact, the colour and lustre can last for more than 40 years. As a result, aluminium French door prices are cost-effective. 

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors consist of several panels. As the name suggests, they slide open and close by sliding one over the other. They may also be opened from the centre over fixed panels – you can fix two panels on the side and install one movable pane in the middle. When opened or closed, sliding doors take no more space than their frame since they don’t swing inward or outward.

Aluminium sliding doors are lightweight, making the doors are easy to operate; you can open with the least effort. Therefore, they are a good option for a household with the elderly or disabled. Additionally, you do not have to worry about children hurting their fingers between slamming doors. Top manufactures utilise rubber gaskets in the doors that minimises instances of finger pinching. Sliding doors can also be incorporated with screen doors so that your house remains ventilated without insects and mosquitos entering the house.

Sliding doors feature the highest proportion of glass in a frame, making them the best option for natural light lovers. They are space-efficient as well. Finally, they are suitable for homes built in a contemporary style.


As mentioned above, doors and windows made of aluminium are cost-effective. Be it French door prices or aluminium sliding window prices; it is best to look at it from the perspective of their benefits. For instance, UPVC windows are cheaper, but these are composed of plastic, look chunky, are primarily white in colour, can warp or break, and require regular maintenance and replacement. 

However, aluminium windows undergo anodisation and TEXGUARD coating. The TEXGUARD coating enables the windows not to lose their colour for 40 years, and the product ends up looking new for a long time.  

Choosing Between French and Sliding Doors 

There is not much of a difference between the functional benefits you can get from sliding and French doors. Instead, it will depend on the place where you want to install these doors. As mentioned above, French doors are longer than they are wider, so it is not advisable to install them in an area like the patio. In contrast, sliding doors sport large panels with minimal frames and maximum glass area that the doors perfect for patio or balcony.

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