The growing population is an actual threat to all of India. 9 cities are currently in the top position on the list of the most populous cities around the world. This leads to pollution and other issues. The only way to stop the pollution and have good health is to plant more trees. We can grow many trees in 7 to 10 years. They can be capable of absorbing pollutant-laden air in the atmosphere and cleaning the air. The best thing we can do is to plant an appropriate tree if environmental impact concerns you. So want to know which tree grow faster? continue reading as we are providing the list of 9 trees that can help in preserving the environment as well as grow rapidly.

1) Banyan Tree

The Indian national tree The banyan tree is one of the trees that benefit society and the population in a variety of ways. The main benefit is its shade. provides and is also the longest-lived plant in the world. People worship trees as oxygen is provided by them.

2) Mangroves Tree

One can find mangrove trees are typically in coastal and tropical regions. They play an important function in conserving the ecosystem. They are also among the top natural coastal protectors. These trees’ roots are extending and also create agroforestry. They are great in cleansing the air and also preventing soil erosion.

3) Amla Tree

One of the most important trees in Ayurvedic treatment includes the Alma tree. It’s crooked, and a long and spread bush characterizes this medium-sized plant. it has a greenish-yellow colored fruit which is characterized by the appearance of six horizontal stripes.

4) Madhukar Tree

It is among the trees that are able to adapt to any soil type and develop quickly. But sandy soil is always the ideal option for the tree. The tree can grow up to 20 meters. We must place it in humid and warm conditions. The efforts needed to plant the tree aren’t as intense but the advantages are enormous.

5) Bahasa Tree

This is among the gorgeous and beautiful trees that grow in India. This is a captivating and intriguing sight in April. It thrives in dry climates, which is why you can see its presence in a variety of southern states. People believe the height of the tree to be around 40 feet.

6) Bamboo

One of the most amazing plants that grow quickly across the globe can be found in the bamboo tree. It is characterized by its hollow stem that is usually located in humid tropical climates throughout Asia. In this kind of climate, India is one of the states that provide the bamboo tree’s home. One can purchase this plant through the Online Plant Nursery. It matures after 90 days from the planting.

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7) Neem

One of the trees that is growing at the fastest rate with an abundance of therapeutic benefits is the neem plant. The majority of the medicines that are available in medical stores comprise the elements of the neem tree in the active ingredient. It has been a key ingredient in curing numerous serious illnesses since the beginning of time.

8) The Oak Tree

As a species of plant that is extinct that can be grown even in frigid temperatures. It is among the fastest-growing trees and is thought to be the main wood for fuel production. The leaves of the tree are an essential feed for animals.

9) The Sagan Tree

A saga is a tall, evergreen plant that is characterized by yellowish-blond to reddish-brown or reddish wood. It is the main source of furniture production. It is the primary place in the manufacture of medicines and also. Its bark can be used for tonics if you are looking to treat headaches, stomach pain, or stomachache. It can also assist in improving digestion. Because it is able to withstand various climates it can have a long duration of life and can be beneficial over a longer period of time.


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