People also call it a Bhog (edible offering) for Gods and Goddesses during puja & as prasad when they distribute it. They also offer sweets or all-inclusive Satvik food as Prasad. as they believe it to be the most sacred and pure food available. Consuming Prasad after Puja rituals is an important spiritual experience and an integral element of the worship ritual. In prasad, “Pra” means prior, and “Sad” refers to the place of dwelling. It’s a method to shift the divine energy to God towards devotees. The dispersal of the Prasad all over all those who attend the Puja is essential in line with Vedic texts.

There are numerous studies and articles on the benefits of drinking Prasad in a scientific context. Even though Prasad is a crucial part of Puja rituals, its benefits aren’t well-defined. Here are some advantages of being able to enjoy Prasad in a scientific manner:

1) Hygienic

People use the strictest hygiene guidelines to prepare food served to God. It is also possible to buy Online Prasad from Rudra Centre which is clean and safest food to consume. There’s no alteration or usage of harmful ingredients while creating the Prasad. People pay a lot of attention when making these sacred foods as a clean and safe space to cook them. The devotees consume only the purest and finest foods that benefit well-being.

2) Satvik Food

People use organically-sourced ingredients to make Satvik food items that one can find from the earth. They consist of dried fruit, juices of fruits and milk, and natural foods such as honey, honey, and so on. They are easy to digest and rich in nutritional value. Satvik food is beneficial to the growth of your body and can help keep various types of diseases at low levels. It is completely vegetarian and does not harm other animals in the wild. It is a great way to satisfy the hunger of hungry individuals. Consuming Satvik food via Prasad is not just good for you, but also for your environment.

3) The Purification and Retention of Body

Prasad is a natural and organic product which one makes using organic and natural ingredients. It helps in detoxifying the body. In particular, People make use of the Tulsi plant to treat ailments. It is a heart-protector and provides numerous positive health effects. Teas made from herbs, basil leaves milk, etc. are all part of Prasad cleanse and increase the immune system. Food items that we include during Prasad are Satvik and are helpful in cleansing the body. Additionally, one could be able that eating these nutritious and organic foods helps in cleansing the body since it is gentle to the stomach and free of bacterial contamination.

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4) Unused and fresh

People use fresh items to prepare prasad, which services as a primary offering to a god. They make use of freshly picked ingredients to make prasadam as we should use unadulterated items to offer to god. Nobody consumes it before handing the food in worship to God. This implies you can be sure that food items are healthy and safe for consumption. You can be assured that Prasad in all temples and Puja ceremony is clean. It is believed that the devotees can be permitted to eat their food once they have been approved as a gift from God. The food is then God’s blessings. God and brings a sensation of being aware within worshippers.

5) Charan Amrit plays Prasad

Charan Amrit is the most common Panchamrit which people use in Puja rituals. It is a mixture of sugar milk, honey Ghee, yogurt, and sugar milk. The five components or ingredients have both spiritual and medical significance. Sugar can boost your energy, while honey symbolizes harmony and friendly communication. It can also help with digestion and for the well-being of your skin. Milk symbolizes total purity, and it boosts immunity. Ghee is a symbol of purity, and it boosts the immune system. Ghee in Panchamrit is a source of nutrients for the body and symbolizes winning. Yogurt, the fifth ingredient which makes up Panchamrit is distinct from the idea that Satvik foods are made up of fresh ingredients. It is also the sole fermented product that is considered Satvik. The cooling effects of yogurt could be helpful in managing the symptoms of Vata Dosha and regulating the digestive system. It is believed to be an indication of wealth and a better standard of living.

The eating of Prasad in the days that follow Puja is an important element and the reasons behind this have been explained in detail in the previous paragraphs. Although Hindu rituals are tied to myths and are practiced throughout the ages by reference to Vedic texts, all of them have the basis of science. The customs created by older people and sages can are only beneficial.


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