Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) is a material that is used as a raw material in manufacturing many products such as pipelines, windows, and doors. Its usage is increasing day by day due to its many benefits and features over other materials. The common benefits include its climate resistance, durability, strength, fire-resistance, affordability, and many more. Read on to get an insight into more reasons to switch to uPVC doors and windows. 

1. Increase Security 

uPVC windows & doors are very hard to break due to their strong layer of galvanized steel with uPVC material. They also come with many advanced locking systems. You will be completely safe from thieves who could come to steal from the house. They are also unbreakable, thus being more secure. Unlike a wooden window or door, they can’t be opened with force. Any house is safer and more secure with uPVC windows and doors.

2. Weatherproof 

Windows and doors made of uPVC are not affected by the changes in climatic conditions due to their weatherproof ability and rigidness. The original measurement and shape do not change for many years even in poor weather conditions, unlike wooden doors & windows that are prone to warping during rain. uPVC windows and doors are highly durable and look like new for many decades.

3. Environment-Friendly Option

uPVC is one of the best materials for windows and doors for environment-conscious people. It is 100% free from lead and completely recyclable. These features help maintain the balance of the ecosystem. In comparison to other alternate options such as aluminium and wood, uPVC consumes very low energy for production.

4. Low Maintenance 

In today’s busy lives, people may not have much time for the maintenance of windows or doors. Wooden doors and windows need high maintenance. Unlike wood, uPVC doesn’t need much maintenance due to its strength and durability. Any homemade cleaner can be used to clean windows and doors made of uPVC. It is weather-resistant, fire-resistant and termite-resistant due to which it has a very long life. Low maintenance also helps in keeping the expense under budget.

5. Insulation

uPVC windows are very effective in retaining the cool temperature in the house by not allowing the outside heat to enter. It has become a trending choice among people looking for energy-saving features in windows and doors. You can also keep indoors warm during winter. 

6. Long Life

uPVC is one of the most long-lasting options for windows and doors. They can last for up to 50 years. With one-time purchase, it is more of an investment for a long-term. So, you can be assured of durability. 

7. Cost Saving 

In comparison to aluminium and wood, uPVC frames are very economical. The uPVC frames can be purchased for a more affordable price than the price of wooden and aluminium frames. Thus, you can save more during the initial investment.

8. Self-Extinguishing 

In case of a fire break-out out in the house, the fire cannot pass through windows or doors made up of uPVC materials. uPVC windows and doors are made by mixing fire retardant material, which stops fire from spreading to other areas. It extinguishes itself when fire breaks out and provides more fire safety to the people and building.

9. Sound Proof 

Another great feature of uPVC doors and windows is their ability to cut outer noises and provide a soundproof room. The use of a double-seal system in these doors and windows block all kinds of noise coming from outside through the window. So, you can enjoy a peaceful environment at home.

10. Resistant to Rots & Corrosion 

Wooden windows and doors will start rotting after some time. But uPVC windows and doors will not rot and last longer for many decades. They are also corrosion-resistant.

11. Guarantee 

Due to the durability and strength of uPVC windows & doors, most manufacturers offer a guarantee for their products. This is something you cannot find in any other alternate choice of materials such as wood or aluminium.

12. Innumerable Styles, Colour and Sizes

uPVC windows and doors can enhance the beauty of the house. You can get them customized in various sizes, shapes and colours. You can also find the in varied styles such as composite doors, French doors, bi-fold doors and sliding doors. 

uPVC windows and doors come in unique colours such as rosewood or Irish oak as well as in classic colours such as white, blue, green or red. There is no need to paint or varnish the uPVC panel repeatedly. It simply needs to be cleaned gently with a cloth on regular basis.

These reasons are rewarding enough for any homeowner. With so many benefits of uPVC windows & doors, these are no doubt the best option for your home.



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