Do you want to boost your blog on Google? !! By linking to other websites, you can greatly boost your blog. I know this isn’t new news, but many forget to create strong and relevant backlinks to their website. Here are some important tips and helpful ideas to give your blog the boost you need.

Here are 10 tips for creating a backlink to your blog.

Find the BackLink tool

To create a backlink for your blog, you need a backlink tool or service to help you find the backlink. There are many great tools to reduce the workload of finding backlinks. BackLink Agent is easy to use, just enter a keyword and select the type of link you want to search, and BackLink Agent will do all the work for you.

Related and related websites

Since I found the backlinks in the swamp, there are two types of backlinks in my blog, and I call them two Rs.

It is relevant.

It is very important to link only to related or related websites. If your blog is about water skiing and you are connected to a website that discusses bodybuilding, there are no related or related connections. Visitors are turned off because there is no connection between your blog and the website you are visiting.

Reputable website

Reputable-the third “R” that is often forgotten. If you link to a badly-reputed website, creating a backlink on your blog can be useless. Let’s use the neighborhood analogy: you have a nice house, you keep it, you paint it, you keep your garden clean, it’s worth a fair amount of money There should be. But the neighbors burned a car in the front yard … the neighborhood isn’t that hot now. Your website can do the same by linking to an infamous website.

How do you know that a website has a good reputation? Ask yourself the following questions:

-What is your first impression of the website? Is it impressive or ugly?

-Is the information relevant and well written?

-Would you like to buy from this website?

-Check the Alexa rating on the website ( Less than 1 million is enough.

Directory site

If you want to create a backlink for your blog, it’s a good idea to link your blog to a directory. For example, a directory like has a very deep category and subcategory system, so you can specify exactly where to build your blog’s backlinks.

Add or submit a URL site

As mentioned above, the BackLink Agent has tools to help you find websites that accept URL submissions. Therefore, search for one of the keyword phrases such as “jet ski” to see which websites are available. You can now submit the URL to create a backlink for your blog.

Related forums

Forums are a great way to create backlinks on your blog. All that is done is to use the BackLink agent to search for related forums. We recommend that you add the blog URL as a backlink for your forum signature. Therefore, every post you create has a backlink to your blog. A good forum post can send hundreds of visitors to your blog in a week or even a day!

Competitive spies

A little competition can be good, but the Internet can provide thousands of competitive websites with just a few keystrokes. What if you could see the backlinks your competitors have for your website?

BackLink Agent has a great tool for eavesdropping on competitor backlinks. Just enter the URL of the contest (using http: //) in the search field and select Competition Spy to see all the links your website is linked to. The internet is a great backlink, so it’s a great way to find more backlinks for your blog.

Give the article or lens an extra boost.

If you write an article and want to index it faster or rank higher using Google, backlinking your blog to your new article will help! Write a teaser article with less than 300 words and add some links to new articles in your blog post.

Page rank 7 or higher

I follow 7 rules: 7 or higher. Google PageRank is the best place to link to your blog. Less than 7 is fine, but the n is still executed. 3.

Ping the backlink

After using the BackLink Agent to track a blog backlink, ping the blog article or post (or blog RSS feed). Just do a Google search for “blog ping service”. There are many there.

So you got it! Now you are informed and can find backlinks to your blog, website or landing page. The backlinks are the lifeblood to promote your website. Creating backlinks is very easy and useful for blogging!

Here are the some example of backlinks for your blog. All the backlinks are high authority domain and very fast indexable.,19-washington-square-n,-,-ny-10011,-usa,-new-york-HfyMAB38jAA.html,19-washington-square-n,-,-ny-10011,-usa,-new-york-x/yMAMf8jAA.html


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