The debate on masks and which one’s a better choice for you has been going on for a long time. But today we’re seeking to answer the question of which pollution mask is better for you. Is it the N99 pollution mask that offers a filtration efficacy of 99%, or the N95 mask? Let’s find out which one you should be going for.

How much does each mask filter out?

Now we know that N99 and N95 masks are very similar to each other. The difference lies in the capacity of filtration. An N99 pollution mask can filter out up to 99.5 % of pollutants. Compared to this, an N95 mask can filter up to 95 %. While the N99 has an obvious advantage here, let’s take a look at the next point of comparison. 

Breathability difference

N95 masks are known to be more breathable than N99 masks. It has been found that N95 masks have a 50 % higher breathability quotient than N99 masks. Thus, the N95 mask offers you an advantage in this aspect. Both these masks are available at online stores and you can purchase them with ease. 

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What do healthcare experts have to say?

Healthcare experts are very keen on recommending N95 and N99 masks. They feel that these are the best air pollution mask you can get. These masks are especially recommended for senior citizens, children, and even young adults who have impaired lung functions.

They offer a better experience in terms of comfort and quality of life that’s experienced. N95 masks benefit people with conditions like emphysema, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, asthma, cardio-pulmonary problems, etc. Contrary to this, if you’re a person who is prone to dust allergies and other issues, the N99 is recommended due to its high filtration capacity!

Why would we recommend you get either of these masks?

The reason is very simple. N99 and N95 masks were both used by professionals requiring heavy protection from environmental hazards earlier. These would include moving into unhealthy environments while investigations in forensics, going into construction sites or wrecks, etc.

However, you being an average user may not see any reason for getting such high-end filtration systems at greater prices. Here’ where the catch lies. N99 and N95 masks have proven to be extremely effective against the spread of COVID-19. Their advanced filtration system allows them to keep the virus out most of the time.  Even though the breathability of the N95 is more, the N99 mask offers better protection. These masks can be recycled and reused making them economic and safe options for you. 

You can check out different online stores that are offering N95 and N99 masks. We recommend them as they serve to be the best air pollution mask for you. You can log into online retail stores and find these masks with ease. You might even find varying designs, shapes, and sizes for the same. Online stores also offer discounts from time to time and you can avail of them easily. We suggest purchasing a few N95 or N99 masks for you and your family. It helps you ensure safety and security for you and your loved ones.


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