Nearly all major construction projects and plans somehow involve the cutting of concrete sidewalks. Concrete is significantly used for supports and foundations of buildings. Once it gets hardened, you cannot modify it without the use of the right power tools.

Nowadays, there are many concrete cutting tools and blades available for this purpose in the markets. People can find some simple angle grinders, diamond blades, and heavy-duty deep-cut saws online and offline. One of the most reliable places for shopping in Ireland is Midland Site Supplies.

concrete cutting

How to cut concrete?

Anyone may assume cutting concrete is an arduous job. But it is not more challenging when you have the right tools for it in your hands. For concrete having a depth of 6 inches or less, some cut-off and circular saws can work well.

However, if anyone is thinking of cutting down concrete for specified projects like patios, basement walls, or sidewalks. Then a bit more effort in finding the best tools can save you from spending extra money on a contractor.

Thanks to the recent advancements in Concrete tools, and techniques. Now, anyone can easily cut down concrete blocks, walls, or slabs effortlessly with more precision.  

List of Best Concrete Cutting Tools and Materials

  1. Circular saw
  2. Handheld cut-off saw
  3. Dry-cutting diamond blade
  4. Wet-cutting diamond blade
  5. Steel-toed boots
  6. High-filtration dust mask
  7. Extension cord
  8. Broom/ Dustpan
  9. Wet/dry vacuum
  10. Sledgehammer
  11. Prybar
  12. Claw hammer
  13. Mason chisel
  14. Diamond masonry blades
  15. Gas, electric, or air-powered concrete saw, and many more

Essentials of Concrete Cutting Tools

Using the correct tool for concrete cutting is essential for masonry slicing, sheering, and channeling. Therefore, before you hire anyone for your construction project, always check the manufacturer’s tool kit. Look around for all the tools present in that kit for addressing concrete.

Your concrete cutting tools, however, must have the following features for giving the best results:

  1. They must have a featured water line
  2. Must be able to minimize airborne dust
  3. Incorporate a fume or duct vacuum extractor
  4. Power handle guards and substantial blades
  5. Have sharp blades mainly designed to cut concrete.

Which Cutting Blades Are Suitable for Cutting Concrete?

Besides the abovementioned tools, some blades are utilized for such purposes. One of the most popular bladed for cutting concrete is a diamond blade. It is prevalent because there is no edge with its sharpness and durability to deal with various masonry materials.

Moreover, the four key components of high-quality concrete cutting blades are:

  1. A metal core reinforced steel disc along with a diamonds housing rim
  2. Synthetic diamond offering a honed cutting edge
  3. Matrix metal bond adhering the diamonds to a steel disc
  4. Welding connecting the metal interior core to cutting segments

Why Do I Need to Cut Down Concrete?

Concrete is somehow considered to be a semi-permanent and durable medium. That indicates that it seems inappropriate to consider cutting it. 

However, when it comes to its cutting aspects, several reasons prove it a vital thing. A contractor may need to create channels, remove sections of generally reshape masonry by cutting.

So, give below is an exhaustive list of why your concrete needs to be cut down by Cutting blades and tools:

  1. Creating expansion joints in some solid cement flooring
  2. Resizing brick paving or patio slabs
  3. For some demolition projects.
  4. Gardening and patio landscaping
  5. Fixing and replacing masonry sections
  6. Channeling walls for piping and electrical wiring
  7. Repairing different sewer waste lines made of sub-concrete and many more.


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