My brother-in-law was constantly sending me emails. It’s because after constantly spamming me with tons of text messages and calls, I blocked him. Now he was trying other ways.No we don’t leave far apart just across the street. He asked some suspicious kind of question that raised some red flags. So I decided to not help him any further. But it was enough so I unblocked him and told him I am going to visit mother. It’s a road trip so if he can drive for me I am all in to discuss the matter again. Well, my sister came along as well.

All I can say is it was a big misunderstanding from my side. He was partially responsible for that as well. I mean who asks that kind of question with a straight face that “Is there any way they can hack anyone’s phone”. That is a clear red flag and an illegal act so why would I listen to him again. He has a troubling history as well so I thought maybe he is planning any big game again. But it was not like that at all. He was just concerned about his teenagers.

So they asked many questions regarding the so-called “hidden phone call recorder app that can be hacking kids phones”.We had a long detailed chat. I thought there may be many parents out there who are going through the same phase so let us just help you all out.

Hacking Is Illegal :

Hacking is not the term when you want to keep a monitoring eye on your teen’s gadget. Hacking is something illegal and is done remotely. The difference between using a spy app is that you had to install the app physically into the target device. It is legal only if you are a parent or guardian of the teenager or minor. In another case, if you are using the app for employee monitoring. That too is fine and legal only if you use the company-owned device for this purpose.  Other than that you need written consent from the target.

Parental Control Is Need Of An Hour:

With smart gadgets, the internet, and social media bombardment, the use of parental control is the need of the hour. You can’t just leave your kid alone in the world where you can search for any kind of video just by typing a word or is chatting with a person who apparently lives in the other corner of the world but the reality is, he/she is your stalking neighbor.

What To Look For In A Good Spy App:

The best spying app must keep your secret from the target. Just like my sister wanted an app that works in the background and does not disturb the normal functionality of the gadget. Apps like OgyMogy offer such services. You can install the app on the target device and can secretly know about your kid’s digital life without letting them know.

Hidden Phone Call Recorder:

One of the main features that started my family’s curiosity was the suspicious calls my niece was receiving. Sometimes she would attend them, sometimes she just skips them, other times she talks for hours. On inquiry, she just said that they all are friends.  Parents were not having the good vibes so they planned to find a way out. The OgyMogy spy app offers a hidden phone call recorder and calls log service for the parents. You can know who is in contact with your child and can find out about the content of the conversation as well.

  • All the information saved by the spy app is timestamped. You can know if they are receiving any calls late at night or the odd timing.
  • You can track the contacts of the target as well. It can help you clear your suspicions about any specific caller ID.
  • Know if anyone is making threatening calls to your kid. OgyMogy’s hidden phone call recorder can help the parents to assure their safety.
  • Listen to their calls and save them from any possible frauds.
  • You can even know if your kid is hiding things from you or going through any serious trouble.

The hidden phone call recorder feature is available both for android and iPhone. You can check out various other features as well by visiting    


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