Believe it or not, people buy Pandora jewelry for many reasons. From spending gifts to feeling sexy, buying a gift for yourself is very popular. And these reasons just so happen to be exactly what Pandora captures well. But just to add to the already short list, Pandora offers a wide range of gifts that people are often gifting to themselves.

Some would say that Pandora’s uniqueness comes from the ability to create exactly what you want. While that is true, it is also because the jewelry is so accessible. Whether it’s purchasing a Pandora bracelet for yourself or a special engagement ring for a partner, you have the ability to grab any piece that you like, but it’s up to you to decide which one of them you will love most.

Is Pandora a luxury brand?

According to research conducted by Citigroup, a 10% increase in the average cost of jewelry translates to a 14% increase in the average retail price. This means that if you think about buying a $2,000 gold and diamond necklace, a lab-grown diamond necklace will cost you only $1,600. That’s an extra $2,000 that can be put to use elsewhere.

One of the biggest drawbacks to lab-grown diamonds

While it might be exciting to get your hands on a more affordable version of a precious gem, there are some downsides. There are concerns over ethical sourcing, and also the issue of production costs. According to Bloomberg, a synthetic diamond might cost $20 to produce, but the ethical complications of making a natural diamond (it can take weeks to grow) means that the price is inflated.

Does Pandora do free cleaning?

The company boasts that Pandora does free inspection and cleaning services, which are a bit different than regular jewelry maintenance. Many online jewelry stores offer a free jewelry cleaning service, which is great for everyone. But at other jewelry stores, you can expect a price hike of some sort.

In addition to cleaning, Pandora offers regular cleaning services to ensure that jewelry stays in good shape. The biggest issue with jewelry is wear and tear. The idea behind jewelry maintenance is to ensure that you get the most out of your jewelry. And Pandora certainly does this. As a trusted name in jewelry, Pandora is committed to keeping you happy and can offer a more reliable service with its high standards.

Are Pandora necklaces any good?

The unique appeal of the handcrafted diamonds will allow the company to keep costs lower while still maintaining their commitment to high-quality products. To learn more, read this article in Business Insider.

Grab the Belle Collective four-pendant necklace for $109 while it’s still in stock and add these other unique, handcrafted pieces to your collection.

What makes it unique: This sweet pendant necklace from Belle Collective is anything but basic with delicate diamonds sewn to a woody vine that seems to snake down the left side of the item. The faux-diamonds used to make this necklace are sourced from renewable forests and responsibly sourced sources, but they’re still fakes.


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