Today’s global job market is diverse and has multiple job options available. The specific demand for B.Tech CSEfresher is high. The technological revolution has increased the importance of IT for businesses. This is a prime reason why fresher having this degree are heavily demanded. However, amongst so many job options, which ones are the best for you? Come, let’s take a look at what you can go for!

Database Administrator

Databases are the core of business functions today. Information is stored in databases across cloud systems and offline hardware systems for safekeeping. The need for availing of this information at a moment’s grace is essential. This is why we recommend you look at becoming a database administrator.

The basic job role includes responsibilities like checking existing software modifications, keeping an eye on consumer purchases, ensuring the protection of confidential data, etc. The skills you need to have for becoming a database administrator are being patient, vigilant, having an analytical mind, problem-solving skills, communication skills, etc. Getting a B.Tech in Computer science makes you eligible for this role!

Computer System Analyst

Analyst roles are extremely popular in the current job market. If you’ve completed your graduation in computer science, we recommend going for this job profile. The basic responsibilities you’ll have to undertake are in-depth analysis of organizational information systems, algorithm handling, communicating information to technological teams, etc. The skills you need to hone to become efficient in this role are interpersonal, negotiation, research etc. 

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Computer Network Architect

As a computer network architect, you get to work with deep-seated networking systems facilitated by IT. You’ll be responsible for installing, designing, and managing networking and computer process technologies. These include local area networks, extensive area networks, extranets, intranets, etc. The unique skills that you require are the ability to compute the products and services available online and the ability to test every system before technology implementation. 

Web Developer

Website design is for those of you who are more on the creative side of technology. Web development and design offer an exciting career path for students who like creating new things. Web development requires quite a unique skill set. The skills you’ll need to gain are knowing different programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

They must also have communication skills, and enterprising skills as they play a pivotal role in shaping up the customer experience. Marketing experience can also come in handy when applying for this job opportunity! 

We recommend looking at these career options after you complete B.Tech CSE. Other job opportunities you can avail also include computer science blogger, project manager, content developer, online marketer, eh support and repair computer hardware engineer, PCB designer, etc.

Taking a CSE from one of the best colleges is a good choice as it opens up these avenues for you. Several colleges offer course details online. You can check them out to get a better idea of the course. In case you have any queries feel free to contact them as they are very responsive.


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