Studies have proven the importance of physical activity for children in the school setting. Therefore, schools are now encouraging students to participate in the activities of environmental and physical education.

We are Catch Foundation, amongst the top 5 tree plantation NGOs. Having conducted various environmental campaigns in schools we can definitely say that there are numerous benefits of including environmental education in the school curriculum.

So without further adieu let’s read about the benefits below!

1) Promotion of a healthier lifestyle

Many issues like anxiety and obesity do not prevent children from going out more frequently. The natural environment has healing power and the environment activities help students get the most out of their lives. The education provided in schools lets students get outside and be active. It also assists in addressing various health issues that kids nowadays are experiencing.

A healthy diet and a balanced diet are typically promoted through it. This aids in reducing stress through spending more time in nature.

2) The environmental challenges that we face

Another advantage is that it teaches young minds about certain issues that affect the environment. It also gives students be able to contribute to the global effort of protecting the natural environment. It also prepares students for their future careers and helps them acquire the abilities to be future professionals.

3) Improve your critical and creative thinking capabilities

It encourages students to study to discover how and what causes certain events and then make their own decisions on complex environmental questions. By advancing and strengthening the ability to think critically and creatively and fostering ecological awareness, it helps to encourage the younger generation that consists of workers, consumers, policymakers, and decision-makers. It allows youngsters to analyze the conditions that impact the environment. This in turn motivates them to make educated decisions by evaluating the environment in the context of the natural environment.

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4) The much-needed break from routine

Although the primary subjects in the school’s curriculum are essential, sometimes having a break from the routine can also help the children to develop a love of the natural world & amongst best ways to encourage children to step out of their classrooms and take part in exciting interactive activities. It helps students be engaged and active and provides a relaxing break for students.

5) Restoring the balance of the environment

Environmental education enables students to comprehend the ways in which their actions and decisions impact the environment. They also acquire knowledge and develop the necessary knowledge to deal with environmental concerns and also the steps that can be taken to protect the environment and ensure it is more sustainable and healthy in the future. Schools must teach youngsters how their actions affect the environment, which is helpful to maintain the balance of nature.

6) Student participation is increasing and academic performance

The school’s environmental education program provides an enriching experience for the students as well as the teachers to link their love of the natural world with academics. Outdoor learning is the key to achieving the satisfaction of psychological needs that are fundamental to us. Research shows that satisfaction with basic needs in an outdoor environment is more than indoors, and even more important outdoors, learning in the outdoor environment has the highest increase in students’ motivational core. When students have more motivation and their behavior is influenced by internal rewards, and consequently, learning becomes more satisfying and students are more enthusiastic.

7) The environment as a potential career opportunity

Environmental education helps children prepare for the future and inspires them to pursue it as a profession. Students are able to prepare themselves for a job that could consist of anything from building the nursery or water testing in the field, conducting interviews with local residents about disaster preparedness as well as meeting with lawmakers to influence policies or writing about the environment.


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