In everyone’s life, a day comes when a person needs to decide about marriage. The feeling can drive you crazy! You may ask yourself again and again “Is this the person with whom I will survive for a lifetime?” And your instinct will give you pretty confusing answers.

Well! This is the time to make decisions instead of telling silly jokes about marriages. Whether you are getting married to the love of your life or your partner is selected by someone else in your family, it is important to get prepared for the new life ahead.

When two different characters meet and they decide to live together for a lifetime, in the same home, sharing the same room; they need to be mentally and emotionally ready to accept this change in life. You were roaming freely in your life till now but now you will have to share your freedom with someone else. Therefore, while choosing your partner, keep in mind the important things so that you do not need any couple counseling going forward. Although the task is not as difficult as you find it in your scary dreams, before you move ahead you need to know various things to lead a successful relationship.  

Before we talk about tips and tricks that you should know before getting married, it is good to know the beauty of this relationship that you are going to hold ahead. No matter how crazy thoughts you have in your mind, there is no doubt to say that marriage is one of the most beautiful things that happen in a person’s life. It brings you closer to someone special in your life and you enter a new world of happiness together. However, in order to make this journey successful for your life; it is good to know a few things in advance.

Top things to know and determine before getting married:

It is not just about you both:

The most important thing every couple needs to know before getting married is that you are not just going to share a bond with each other only; rather it will spread up to many people around. You have to accept each other’s family and need to be positive towards each other’s friend circle as well. You both have lived a different life till now and it was surrounded by many people. When you get married none of you will be able to leave them all instantly and even marriages don’t mean so. You will definitely need some space and time for you both but you have to be good to other members around as well.

Go for some medical tests:

When you are not careful before marriage, there are possibilities of some issues at a later stage. Medical health professionals these days suggest couples have few necessary medical tests on a compulsory basis before getting married. One of the most important tests is the HIV test. Having this test does not clearly mean that you doubt each other’s character; rather it is a safe step towards a bright and happy future. Getting clean medical reports will set your mind at peace and you will build more trust towards each other to start a family ahead.

Be clear about your expectations:

Healthy communication is the key to happy and successful marriages. When you are planning to get married and share the rest of your life together, it is important to talk openly about what kind of expectations you have for this relationship. As a couple, you need to have open talks about intimacy, finances, household roles, expectations, sex, children, religion, and many more. It will help you to understand each other’s thought processes and will make the foundation for your relationship much stronger. Communication improves understanding between partners and it leads to a healthy life ahead. Even when you both are earning well, be clear about your financial goals, debts, and budgets.

Comparison can only create differences:

When you have already decided to settle down together then there is no point to compare your relationship at any step in the future. The true fact is that when you both will live together, you will come to know about the good and bad habits of each other. Some of them may be beyond your expectations but never ever compare your partner’s bad habits with someone else. It is high time to understand that no one is perfect in this world and relationships move ahead only when partners start accepting each other the way they are. If you keep on making efforts to change each and every habit of your partner, you both end up with lots of differences in your relationship. Respect each other as true personalities and make efforts to grow together as the best companion.

You both need to put efforts:

It is not possible to run a relationship when one person stays fully involved and others just don’t care. When you decide to marry and stay together, you have to make up your mind to build your happiness together as well. Before you get married, you both need to prepare your mind that instead of trying to dominate each other to hold an upper hand in the relationship, you will understand each other and adapt to each other’s behavior.

The most important thing to understand before you get married is that your partner will not always be able to understand the language of love. After marriage, the responsibilities keep on increasing and your love bond will also go through many changes. In this scenario, if you keep on complaining that he/she doesn’t understand your silence as you both used to when you were lovers, you are going to spoil your relationship. The best idea is to communicate what you feel and expect; this is the only way you can make him/her know about your thoughts. Instead of holding grudges against each other, you will have to put efforts to build a strong relationship together.

Things to Know and Determine Before Getting Married

The children’s matter:

When you are getting married, you may also have some plans to set up a family ahead. But it is not necessary that you both have some thoughts on this matter. It is important to be clear with your partner about your family goals. Talk clearly when you will have your first child. Some people plan about financial growth before planning a family and this thought is not always common for both partners. So it is always good to have a clear vision before you get married. So that you both can move ahead with the same expectations.

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Be truthful about your career before getting married:

How committed are you both to your careers? Are you both ready to accept each other’s work profile and career goals? The career questions are always highly important while making a decision about marriage and they must be determined carefully. When you are already doing a job and want to continue it after marriage as well. Talk to your partner clearly about it. In case if you are planning to shift to a new city after marriage. Prefer to have clear planning about whether you will search for a job in the new city and what kind of job it will be. Everyone has a dream about a career and it should not vanish with marriage. So both partners need to be careful while making a decision about this aspect.

The household mess:

When you both decide to work than managing household work will be big trouble. You both will be in a hurry to go office every morning and the evening hours will be so tiring. Only one person cannot handle all the burden of household with office work. Most modern families these days commit equally towards household and earning. Both partners can help each other with meal preparation and washing dishes. Or if possible, you can plan to hire a maid to manage the mess. But all these details must be discussed in advance so that you do not fall into trouble after getting married.

Respect each other for successful marriage:

Successful marriages and relationships are established when you both respect each other. Marriage is not a contract; it is a beautiful world where you can live your passion for love and romance. In order to stay tuned to each other, it is more important to make your partner feel honored and respected. True respect comes from the heart and it is more valuable. When you hold it even after knowing his/her bad habits. The best gift a partner can give to another partner is respect.

Make few goals together:

Before you enter into married life, sit down and make a few goals together. To date, you were living a completely different life. Where it was all about your own happiness and your personal goals. But now you are going to share your life with someone else for the rest of your life. So it is good to create a few collective goals that can bind you both together. Working towards common goals after marriage will be really fun and it will bring you both closer to each other.

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