The children of the world are what we will be. It can be bright and beautiful, or dull and dull. The difference is between the generation of environmentalists who appreciate and respect the environment by making decisions to live, work, and play in a manner that is respectful of our natural surroundings. They’re also uninformed adults who do not think beyond their selfish needs and the ghastly profits. Let’s discuss the top 10 ways kids can help us save the environment:

1) Show leadership by example:

Did you know that a picture can be worth 1000 words? Action is worth millions. Similar to how your children may learn to recognize inappropriate behavior, it can be used to build awareness of the environment.

2) Get your children outdoors with you:

Being able to appreciate nature can be the very first thing you do in learning to take care of it. Ask your doctor whether outdoor sports could help your overall health? Studies have shown that it may help reduce the risk of obesity and other illnesses.

3) Help children learn to make use of the correct container for their waste reduce to, reduce reuse, reuse and recycle whenever you can:

Small things, such as creating a food waste-free lunch could be an effective teaching tool for your children particularly in these challenging days of plastic. A few tips to consider: purchase an iconic character’s reusable lunch box, fork, or spoon, which your child is able to reuse; help your child to drink the water from the fountain; get more organic fruit to snack on.

4) Do them some chores, such as helping you sort your recyclables:

In return, you can earn money from recycling to purchase a cool toy.

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5) Join in an organic garden or composting project:

If you’re not able to do it, buy one plant to learn how to care for it as it’s a good method to understand the ways that plants require sunlight, water, as well as soil. Utilize your senses to be awed by the blooms. Visit an area of compost to watch the worms working. They will discover how creatures decompose…say you know what? Yes, science and the environment are both essential to our life-cycle.

6) Make sure they shut the faucet after brushing and bathing:

It is a must to conserve water. Make sure you have a water container for cleaning your teeth, and a bowl to pour water to rinse out the shampoo and soap. Use stickers to reward yourself when you remember to turn off the tap.

7) Switch off the lights:

When you’re out of the room your children don’t require the lights to be on. You can purchase an inexpensive sticker to remind you to turn off the lights. You can even make your own custom sticker.

8) Take part in a beach clean-up:

Better yet, wash up (at minimum after you) while you are at the beach. Make them aware that this is where you will find many beautiful marine creatures. Activities like tide-pooling and swimming will help them understand how important it is to keep the ocean clear. Who would want to drink squishy water? I don’t.

9) Donate to other people the clothes and toys you don’t need:

Sharing is good. Bring your children along when you give away items to bring awareness to people in need while keeping more of your possessions out of garbage.

10) Similar to how you teach your children to be respectful towards other (humans), you can also teach them to be respectful of nature as well:

When you read your bedtime story you can incorporate books about the environment (The Lorax by Dr.Seuss, Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean from Arthur Dorros, etc.). Make your movie night more enjoyable by showing the right movie to teach you about the effects of destroying the natural environment (“UNLESS someone else in your family is incredibly concerned and is genuinely concerned, it’s not going to change. This isn’t. -The Lorax. Yes, I love The Lorax !!!). You could also download an awesome application (ebooks and games) to help teach children about the importance of conservation. Keep in mind that kids learn through play!


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