To get better traffic and rank higher on search results, you need to be aware of certain features when writing your blog. These features will help you get the audience to visit and read your blog, which will earn you good money.

Solve People’s Problems
The main purpose of your blog should be to solve people’s problems rather than earn money because people will keep coming back to read your website only when you provide a solution to their problem. Start a children’s clothing home Business and website for online sales.

Search Content Spaces
The content gap is the gap between the problem of the audience and the solution they find. Simply put, people have not been able to find the right answers to their questions online.

For example, if you search for “How to create a website using WordPress” and if the results are not related to the WordPress theme, then no blogs/websites write content for this particular issue. Therefore this lack of a solution is called the content gap.

Therefore, searching for content spaces and writing those articles helps you to edit Google faster as no similar content is available, and people will visit your blog as you provide a solution to their problem.

Customized blog

No one wants to visit a website that takes a lot of time to download or annoys them with hijackers or ads. Therefore, efficiency is very important when it comes to user information.

Your website should load quickly, and it should be designed in such a way that the user should not feel annoyed when reading pop-up content or notifications, etc.

Complete Articles
Everyone reads the title of the search results before clicking on your blog. After reading your article, they should feel that your blog will help them.

Therefore, you need to create an appropriate topic like the content you have written, and we should give an idea to the audience about what solutions they can find for your blog.

Inclusive Content
You need to make your audience feel comfortable and comfortable while reading your content. They need to read your content right up to the end of your blog without closing it. Therefore, you need to write engaging content. You can even make money with photoshop.

Write consistently
While maintaining a blog, consistency plays a key role in bringing your blog to search engines and building trust with your audience.

If you write blogs consistently, people will be visiting you more often and will easily remember your blog. When people visit your blog, more search engines will improve search results as they think your content is relevant and reliable.

How to Make Money on Blogging?

You can earn money with your blog by

  • 1) Posting ads on your blog using ad networks
  • 2) Promote products of other companies on your website
  • 3) Writing reviews about products of other companies

In addition to these, there are four other ways to earn money on your blog.


And that is the list of types of blogs that will make money in 2021. These are the best blogging sites with big markets that get you good traffic.

Before starting a blog, you need to choose a niche that you are confident and passionate enough to write content about solving your audience’s problems. It is advisable not to switch between niches as you may lose your potential audience. So, take your time and go through the list and take a niche and start writing in it.

For a blog, revenue depends on two things, one of the niches you have already chosen and the other traffic to your blog. So, if you want to know how to increase traffic to your website, you can follow the tips mentioned on our site How to Increase Traffic on Your website.

Another common way to generate traffic to your website is to use ads, not only on websites but on social media such as Facebook. So, check out our video tutorial on How to Use Facebook Ads to Increase Traffic on Your Website.

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