Try building a house with wood but no screws, nails, or glue. Wouldn’t the structure fall the pieces? Well, that’s what happens when you try to speak in English without proper grammar. Without grammar, each sentence is nothing more than a jumbled pile of words.

Undoubtedly English grammar is one of the most significant elements of language study, but unfortunately, it can also be the most complex element. This is why it is important to learn grammar from the base level.

English grammar for kids is crucial as it is the key to speaking English fluently and confidently. By knowing grammar, one can avoid errors and comprehend sentences flawlessly. However, there is more to English grammar than what we see on the surface. Here are some reasons for which an English teacher for kids should be concerned about the significance of grammar in the English curriculum.

Effective Writing

Many kids are able to speak in English, but they cannot construct grammatically correct sentences while writing. With orchestrated sessions of English grammar for kids, teachers can help to bridge this gap. Students can thus apply basic grammar rules while constructing sentences and they can express their ideas coherently.

Grammatical errors can ruin thesis and dissertations by running the quality of the overall write-up, but when a kid is proficient in grammar, they can present their paper with proper sentence structure and without any flaws.

Grammar to speak fluently

Grammar is everywhere, as it is the core of a language. When your kid speaks in English, the main issue arises with sentence formation. To utter a sentence, kids have to jot down the different words in their minds and form a line.

This can only be possible with grammar. Being able to use grammar encourages students to widen their vocabulary and it opens the doors of opportunities for them to be able to communicate freely without any hesitations or barriers.

Reading seamlessly

Does your kid stutter or stammer when he is asked to read a paragraph in English? Well, then it might be their poor grammar that is holding them back. Grammatical terms that are difficult to comprehend often lead to creative blocks in the mind.

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So, even if your kid knows the spelling and pronunciation of a word, they will hesitate before reading the word. Mastering proper grammar can inspire kids to learn the language which can, in turn, eliminate the creative block in their mind, and make their reading process smooth.

The bottom line

Correct grammar isn’t just indicative of excellent English skills, it also shows how diligent you are and whether you have an eye for detail. If your kid aspires to study abroad, then they should definitely go for a proficient English teacher for kids as colleges and universities are likely to assess their academic English knowledge based largely on their knowledge of English grammar.

The truth is: English is a universal language that allows people from different ethnicities to connect and continue conversations, and for sentences to make sense in English, knowing proper grammar is crucial.


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