Back in time, people used to place bets with the help of bookmaking shops, and there was no such thing as sports betting picks. But since betting got online, bettors faced numerous difficulties witnessing picks, odds, and other stuff concerning betting. 

At present, it is necessary to look at sports betting picks free as these give you an insight into the game and its outcome. There are ample resources that inform you concerning the sports betting picks, such as research, online sports betting sites, statistics, data, and other things. Looking at these picks just before placing the bet increases your chances of winning the bet. 

There are sports betting picks for nearly every sport out there. Consequently, sports betting picks are the remedy for you if you want to upskill your game and performance. Let us figure out the sports betting odds and picks of diverse sports events to transform you into a professional sports bettor. 

Sports betting picks and odds

One of the best means to learn sports betting picks is research, but bettors out there find it difficult to do. They find research to be boring and look for an easy way to know the same. But hardly do they know that there is no shortcut to success. 

If you want to become a winning sports bettor, you have to do some research on your own. Or else you can opt for other means, such as staying glued to the best online betting sites for the sports betting picks as they let you know the same. Let us throw some light on the popular sports gambling picks free for the bettors out there. 

NBA sports betting picks 

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Memphis Grizzlies 

The upcoming matchup will be between the Minnesota Timberwolves vs Memphis Grizzlies this Monday night. In the last season, the Timberwolves finished with a 23-49 for the 13th time in the western conference. But owing to the injuries last year, they struggled to put things together with Karl Anthony Towns. 

With 23 points and 6.5 rebounds per game, the guard is shooting 40.8% from the field. In the most recent outing, he couldn’t save the timberwolves from an ugly loss against the LA Clippers. But as the offense failed to score 100 points for the third time in four games, the Timberwolves struggled in a 104-84 loss. 

As far as the Grizzlies are concerned, they are at a 115-87 loss against the Washington Wizards. They were happy after securing back-to-back wins against the Nuggets, but they performed lazy in the next one. 

Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls 

When the new week started, the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Nets had a matchup. The Nets had a hard win by securing 116-103 in Toronto. Though the Nets were able to pull away for a win and cover in the second half, the game was played tight throughout the first half. 

The winning effort came from Kevin Durant and James Harden securing 59 points in total. To bring the Nets to 7-3 on the season, Durant led the scorers with 31 points. Both Durant and Harden faced tough competition from rookie Scottie Barnes. With a win, they are looking to advance to 7-3 in the season. 

Chicago lost the game against the Philadelphia 76ers at 114-105. Before having back-to-back losses, they also had wins over the Boston Celtics by 128-114. 

Atlanta Hawks vs Golden State Warriors

The NBA is up for another night full of action with the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors match. For the opening this season, both the teams had opposite starts and are hoping for a win this time. 

To start this season, Atlanta has earned a record of 4-6, which bagged them a twelfth position in the eastern conference. Unfortunately, the Hawks lost three games in a row, and it does not seem that they will proceed ahead into the season. 

On the other hand, the Warriors made an 8-1 for opening the season and got the top spot in the western conference. In the past also, they won four games in a row and are looking unbeatable in this season. They can continue this winning tradition if Golden State comes out of this one real quick. 

Both the teams are looking for a pivotal win in this matchup but are on different standings. But unfortunately, the hawks had a disappointing start this season and are looking for ways to turn it around. Without any doubt, it seems that Golden State will continue to be the hotter team. 

Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets 

Another incredible slate of basketball is awaiting you in the faceoff between Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets. This time, there are eight games on the board. Both the teams are solid to begin this season and are hoping for a big win. 

For opening this season, Miami has earned a record of 7-2, which bagged them second place in the eastern conference. In this game, Miami had a win and not only this, but they also won six out of seven games. 

Contrary to it, the Nuggets have earned a record of 5-4, which bagged then the sixth place in the western conference. If seen overall, then without any doubt, the Heat has emerged as the better team and are looking to grab another win this time. 

Utah Jazz vs Orlando Magic 

The Utah Jazz had a tough fight against the Orlando Magic. As slight favorites, they were stopped by a score of 118-115. Donovan Mitchell secured a big win by securing 37 points and seven assists, but it was not enough to beat the action on the other side. 

But there is no doubt in this that the offense had their worst performance this season. It was the second time that the Jazz lost the season. But they also had some wins. For instance, the Jazz had a 122-110 win against the Denver Nuggets as well. 


Glaring at these sports betting picks free will increase your prospects of winning the bet and make you a professional sports bettor. It will also hone your skills. 


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