MASQD: The Eyelash Curler

All the ladies love their eyelashes and their perfect curls. As this is the most serious concern for them so at MASQD we had created a perfect professional eyelashes curler that will gives your lashes a stunning new look due to its structural design.  The shape perfectly fits to your palm and the material used is perfectly sharp that it gets the good hold on the hairs which help to recreate the curls in your lashes. This carbon steel curler is designed with précised grip so that you are able to lay it flat against the face which makes it so close to lash line. It results in creating lavishing lashes without damaging them. Use Boots coupon code and enjoy amazing discount on this perfect curler product.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company: Pink Blending Sponge

This latex free and vitamin E enriched sponge is an essential accessory for your beauty box. It is a multi-purpose sponge which can be used as an applicator for foundation, concealer, and liquid highlighter and also to remove make-up marks. It is renowned for its moisturising properties and for its cute pink shade. The teadrop shape makes it possible to blend the make-up into all difficult areas of the face. Check out for latest discount vouchers like Boots coupon code and enjoy an amazing experience of burden free shopping.

No7: Lash Comb & Brow Brush

This incredible handy tool separates and styles lash, and grooms naturally thicker eyebrows in shape. Remove the mascara clumps from your lashes by gently sweeping the metal separator through the lashes and shape the eyebrow hairs by the stiff bristles of the bow brush. You can use this brow brush to blend brow colour. Order this stylish item and do not forget to redeem the Boots coupon code at the checkout process.

Boots: Strengthening Nail Polish Remover Pads

The nail polish remover pads are an ideal to use for on-the-go use. Just put this in your pouch and carry it anywhere. While travelling if you decide to change the nail colour then it will be difficult to use the liquid remover so just make use of these pads and get all the traces removed by wiping it onto the nail. It is enriched with calcium and pro-vitamin B5 which helps to strengthen the nails and give them shine. The Boots coupon code can avail you the sustainable discounts on purchase.

Boots: Fragrance Free Eye Make-up Remover Pads

The toughest part of make-up removal is to clean it from the eye area. The eyeliner and mascara makes clumps that became hard to remove and sometimes make this process the messy one. For avoiding this situation Boots has introduced fragrance free eye make-up remover pads so that you can get a clean, soft skin without having allergy fears. This is a hypo-allergic make-up removing pads that will swipe away all the dirt and traces smoothly. Make your day by using Boots coupon code and get mind blowing discounts.

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