As the level of schools students advanced teachers, as well as parents, must be aware of all the resources that are already available to tackle up to minute’s grade, and challenges of New Year.  Hare, are some text reader apps that are substantial assistive technology tools to start the coming year of schools. Most people used these apps to check messages instantly during travel.

These text reader apps will also assist if you want to read your favorite novel after a hectic day without tiring your eyes. All it is possible because of text reader apps most of these apps are built-in the mobile phones in the form of Google Text read app.

Narrator’s voice:

Narrator’s voice is one of the best text reader apps that are easily available on the Google Play Store. This app can convert the text into MP3 format. All converted files can easily be shareable on different social networking sites. This app also permits your phone to read the typing text and get a plethora of languages options for changing the text.

Various texts can be converted into speech voice to make funny output. The narrator’s voice app has some familiar voices like cartoons, sheep, etc, and you tuber’s use this app wisely to produce videos with modulated voices. Users can earn the coin through watching videos and getting features of the premium version for 24 hours without paying a single penny. In another case, the user has to pay $15 to unlock many other features. For using the premium version for a day without spending money users have to earn 100 coins.

Talk Free:

Are you looking for a user-friendly interface for text reader apps? Talk Free is one of the great for you then. It is being used to read text from third-party apps and also permits you to take text from the used web pages.  Font sizes are adjustable by typing “Aa” on the upper corner of the mobile screen. Talk Free also comes up with an interface to type whatsoever you want and read that aloud.

After entering the text in this text reader app all text will be saved automatically and will appear whenever the user uses this app. anyways, during the proven time when an internet site is was sharing the app, Talk Free started reading other stuff on the website instead of articles and the same thing occurred when the app was straightly allowed to read from the website.  So it is advised to all the readers that if you want to use this app from the website you must copy and paste the text directly into the app. Talk Free also has a premium version for $20.

Voice Aloud Reader:

Approximately 5 million downloads show the importance of this app because this is the most convenient text-to-read app. it supports individual formats like TXT, DOCX, PDF, AZW, EPUB, DOC, FB2 ebooks, PRC, OpenOffice Document, and many more.

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