Soundbars vs Speakers - What should you pick and why?

When you want a home theatre system, you may think you can just go out there and buy one, right? It’s not so simple. These days, you get full-blown systems and soundbars. Deciding what is best for you depends on your budget and your living space. One thing that you do know is this: you definitely want to upgrade the way your television sounds. The choice is between the affordability and the versatility of a soundbar for TV use or more superior quality of sound that you get from one of the premium dedicated home theatres with surround sound. This may seem like a challenging choice.

Both result in much better sound quality than you’re used to for your sports events, TV shows, music concerts and movies. With both options, you may also stream music live through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth linked to your smartphone. This can also be enabled through Google Assistant or Alexa. Speaker systems and soundbars have their pros and cons, so what should you pick? Here are some considerations. 

Your Budget Matters

How much are you willing to spend? One of the main draws of a soundbar is that you don’t have to shell out so much cash to begin with. However, how much you spend on a soundbar system will depend on the brand and the model. For instance, the JBL soundbar system (soundbar plus subwoofer) may cost you more than a fully loaded home theatre system from another brand.

Overall, you get excellent soundbars for less than you spend on a surround sound home theatre with a custom-made speaker system or a complete 5.1 channel home theatre. So why go in for speakers at all? The selling point of a complete speaker system with three or more speakers is that it will give you audio that surrounds you (with rear speakers, a centre speaker and a subwoofer for bass effects). The performance of the audio results in a richer sound. 

Starting Out?

If you are a beginner yet wish to amplify the sound of your TV, a soundbar for TV shows, movies and music is your best bet. The USP of any soundbar is that it’s simple. The concept of a soundbar is having a number of speakers in one unit. This configuration makes a soundbar compact, and its shape is acoustically designed to intensify the quality of sound. Everything you need comes in a single unit. There are only one or two cable connections and you are set. For limited space, this is an ideal option too. 

Consider the Pros and Cons of Both Systems

For instance, you can go in for the best soundbar on the planet, like the JBL soundbar, but will you be happy with it? Once you buy it, even if you get one with the best Dolby Atmos sound, you may not be satisfied. In contrast, a full surround sound home theatre gives you louder and richer surround sound by dint of its range of speakers. The AV receiver that comes with these can receive new format speakers and upgrade to better sound quality. In soundbars, there’s no room for upgrades unless you buy a more advanced new soundbar. 

Speakers with Surround Sound

If you inevitably decide on a soundbar for TV viewing, you may need a subwoofer with it to improve all the bass effects. In a complete home theatre system, you typically should invest in a five-channel system, with two rear speakers, two in the front and one in the front centre. Additionally, you will get a subwoofer, and this is called a 5.1 surround sound system. It is not as compact or affordable as a soundbar, but you get distinctive speakers that receive different sound input and project it to give you an authentic theatre-like experience. Every sound is crystal clear, from a breath to loud thunder.

You get Dolby Atmos technology in the best home theatre systems today, and you can control audio through assistance from Alexa or Google Assistance. The main disadvantage is that there are a number of speakers involved, and correspondingly, more wiring to handle. Setting up such a system may cost you a pretty penny too. 

Your Needs, Your Sound

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