During pregnancy, your body goes through so many changes, including breasts, getting fuller with stretch marks. At this time, you need a special type to bra to make space for your growing breasts. This is called a maternity or nursing bra.

What Is A Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras are designed to provide additional support and comfort to all moms. These come with clasps or hooks to make them easier to open when it is feeding time. They can also be known as maternity bra, feeding bra, or pregnancy bra. A nursing bra serves as a shield so that you can feed your baby in public.

This was invented by Albert A. Glasser, who coined it as “nursing brassiere” in 1948. Later, Mary Sanchez made new, improved designs in 1991, where she introduced flaps and various cup sizes.


  • These bras allow quick access for feeding the baby anywhere you might be. The flaps cover your breast if you feel uneasy about visible breasts while feeding.
  • If you wear a regular bra, it is very inconvenient as you would have to remove the clasp of the bra and remove it to feed your baby, which isn’t viable when you’re outside. Maternity bras have removable flaps that expose your breast only to the baby while feeding and hide the side profile.
  • If you think of going braless, that might not be comfortable at all as your breasts become heavier and the nipples become sensitive since they discharge milk and the leakage would wet your clothes and could make you feel awkward.

Nursing vs. Regular Bra?

The major points that differentiate between a nursing bra and a regular one, are as follows:

  • Nursing bras are convenient since they were specially made for nursing, whereas regular bras can’t provide the same comfort.
  • Pregnancy leads to a fuller and heavier breast that is bigger than your actual cup size. So, instead of buying regular bras that won’t be useful in the future, you can just buy a nursing bra.
  • Nursing bras are made with comfortable material like cotton or spandex that feels soft on your skin and provides optimum support to your breasts that a regular bra won’t be able to do.

Why do you need a nursing bra?

  • When you get pregnant, your breast size increases, and since you are breastfeeding all the time, your breasts tend to sag, but a nursing bra won’t let it happen and, in turn, provide your breasts with ample support.
  • If you wear a bra with an underwire, it might be inconvenient for you to wear a nursing bra since they don’t have any underwire. However, wearing an underwire might be wrong for your breasts as they don’t allow your breasts to grow and prepare for breastfeeding properly. Hence, nursing bras don’t use underwires in them.

Types Of Nursing Bras

There are several kinds of nursing bras, namely,

  • Drop cup nursing bra

They come with a piece of fabric called flaps on the cups that can be unhooked easily and help in keeping the other breast covered.

  • Wire-free nursing bra

Wire-free bras are more comfortable than underwire bras.

  • Lightly padded nursing bra

It is useful during pregnancy as well as during the lactation period. They provide ultimate support.

  • Lace neckline nursing bra

These are comfort-providing nursing bras with a touch of trend and style. It has lace in the neckline and can be paired with dresses well.

  • Sports nursing bra

They provide extra support and extra coverage to your breasts while you exercise in your pregnancy period. Since there are so many types of feeding bras, we present you with a guide where you can discover a bra that matches your preferences well.

How To Purchase?

  • You need to measure your breast size since they usually change during the pregnancy period. You would require a larger than usual size.
  • Make sure to check for adjustable straps since they are the ones that provide ultimate support to your breasts.
  • Check whether the flaps of the bra conveniently open or not with one hand.
  • Always look for hooks and clasps that can be adjusted according to your size.
  • Look for wide straps as they make the bras very sturdy and do not perish due to regular wear & tear.
  • Choose a fabric that suits your skin; it must be breathable, absorbable, and dries quickly.
  • You must buy at least 3 bras so that you can change them easily and wash the other ones to keep your hygiene level good.
  • Determine your budget and then look for a reasonable nursing bra.


To buy the perfect maternity bra, one must understand how the fit, size, and comfort of your breasts change during the pregnancy period.

  • Cup size: If you don’t wear the correct size, it could affect your posture, spinal cord as well breasts. The breast should be fitted by the bra just right.
  • Band size: Too tight or too loose bra would hamper the breast’s support as they would become uncomfortable.
  • Coverage: It maintains the comfort levels of the wearer. It also provides fullness and firmness to your breasts, and so it is crucial to consider the coverage a nursing bra provides.

How to wear a bra?

  • Look where the clasps are and how you will open them.
  • Check the position of the detachable cup and whether it is viable for you to open with one hand.
  • See if it does not get loose too soon.
  • Read the instructions given on its label carefully on how to wear it.

When to wear a nursing bra?

While it is important to wear a nursing bra outside as its main purpose is to provide comfort during breastfeeding and not make you naked in public simultaneously, you can also use them at home, especially when you get up in the middle of the night, you could keep wearing them so that you can feed your baby as soon as possible.

If you like getting dressed up, nursing bras come in different styles and designs that go well with your dresses and attire.

Myths And Facts

  • Nursing bras are boring

This is not true at all. There are so many kinds of nursing bras, such as strapless nursing bras, that you could wear with your dress.

  • Nursing bras are uncomfortable

That’s not true at all because nursing bras are designed in such a way that they provide comfort and can be useful too.

Concluding Thoughts

To sum up, pregnancy is a difficult process to go through, and comfort should be present at all times. Check for the correct nursing bra so that you can have a smooth experience during and post-pregnancy.


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