Developed by Microsoft, Azure is a cloud computing service platform. It helps in managing, building, testing and deploying software packages through cloud services. It is a reliable platform used by many enterprises worldwide for its easy mobility and reliability system.

This covers a broad range of software application tools and offers SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). With its growing popularity among enterprises, an Azure administrator certification will surely help your IT career. Check out its uses below-

  • Advanced backup and recovery facility – Azure is a dream recovery tool for companies. Because of its flexible nature, it can back up data from any location, software and in any language. It stores 3 copies of your backup in 3 different data centers, so you never have to worry about losing data.
  • Facilitates mobile app development-  Azure is a great place to develop mobile applications. It uses the technique of patch management, auto scale and integration to make your apps autonomous and adaptive. An Azure Administrator certificationwill help you to master the application and use its features to the full potential.
  • Security – Azure provides an advanced form of security to keep your data and information safe. It is quick to respond to threats and manage encryption keys and other vulnerable assets.

Career scope-

  • Azure Cloud Architect- A cloud architect is a high demand job.  They oversee an organization’s cloud computing strategy and help them mitigate risk by ensuring a seamless migration to all architecture on the cloud. You can know more about azure and cloud architecture with a Microsoft Azure administrator certification.
  • Cloud developer- As the name suggests; cloud developers develop software for businesses. A little experience can make you desirable for top paying companies. It is one of the highest paying jobs in the business. You can choose the career path of a cloud developer by enrolling in a Microsoft Azure administration certification course.
  • Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager- If you opt for a career as a cloud sales and purchase manager, you will work with companies focusing on adopting Azure for its operations. You will get to work along with other IT experts like could architects and cloud developers. It is a high demand job with lucrative salaries. 

Final Thoughts

We are moving towards an IT world. That world is so advanced with technology that if we do not make an effort to fit into it, it will never embrace us. Technology is overtaking manual work at an alarming rate. As such, there is a growing demand for IT professionals in almost every sector. As the demand is high, salaries are also high.

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Azure is a platform providing advanced cloud computing services with many hi-tech features. It is getting popular at a fast pace with enterprises all over the world adopting Azure. There are opportunities everywhere in this world, but not everyone can make use of them. But you can! This is your time to enroll for a Microsoft Azure course to grab lucrative career opportunities.


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