Blogging is not a new term. It started as weblogs and gradually became blogs. Initially, the concept was to journal online and write the daily routine. Things have changed now, and people use blogging as a potential tool for marketing. What was a hobby for many is now a profession. Many companies hire professional bloggers to market and advertise their products. For instance, branded soaps in Soap Boxes for special events and promotions are very common.

Also, when discussing blogs, it is essential to mention that there are many classes of blogging. Photoblogs, travel blogs, and food blogs are just a few of the more common ones. Moreover, websites were the only way to blog back in the day. Buying a URL or choosing a free one on a platform like WordPress was common practice.

Now, there is an addition of Instagram-based bloggers. It is due to advancements in photography and video-editing techniques. Many bloggers choose to express themselves in pictures and videos.

Another critical point is the presence of vlogs, which means video blogging. YouTube is the platform for this. So, bloggers post videos in their relevant genera for their audience. Getting advertisements there is also a way of earning and marketing via this forum.

Types of Bloggers

The booming digitization trend is the main reason why blogging is popular. People look up to their social media and the internet for anything. Also, psychologically speaking, masses tend to have a liking for a glamorous life for ages. Blogging provides them with content full of glamorous lives of people who are very much like them. Bloggers select their field based on their expertise. There are many types of bloggers in the market today. Some ideas are given below.

The first considerable point is either the blogger selects write-up or pictures/videos or a combination. Write-up-based blogs are usually meant for websites. So, they are not appropriate for social media platforms. It is so because social media platforms put a limit on words to be published.

Travel bloggers publish their traveling stories, staying recommendations, and foods to try at a particular place. Every blogger has a way of capturing a place. Initially, it requires good money to travel and explore. Later, if a blogger is good enough, brands sponsor them for visits.

Food blogs are recipe-based pages. The classics of such a blog are how to cook a particular recipe, its ingredients, and the time it took. It may also revolve around good eateries to be explored.

Fashion and lifestyle blogs are also prevalent. As the name suggests, they are full of trending clothes, jewelry, soap boxes, and anything which works to upgrade life. From appliances to recipes, everything is a part of such blogs. So, we can say that they are one of the broadest range of blogs with no bounds to specific genera and can feature anything.

Importance of PR Packages

The world of blogging took off as a hobby for most. Many gave up on it after a while. Since giving up is a widespread practice for most even today.

Blogging requires pure passion and love for the forte of your choice. So, you should have complete dedication to your blog, or else you will give up on it very soon. With blogging being a common way of reaching the masses, many brands started to approach them to market their products. PR packages are common gifts sent to well-known bloggers for giving your brand the boost they need.

Getting the message across to people about your product is very important to establish the brand. If you have a specific target market for your brand, your best bet would be to select a blogger who has a following from the people of your choice.

For example, you launch a homemade soap brand. Also, your soap is reasonable yet organic. So, your target market is upper-middle-class people, who believe in organic products, will order online and follow many bloggers.

You can use this information and connect with the blogger who influences this population. Suppose she comes online and promotes your soap boxes. People will get to know your soap, which will give your brand superb exposure. However, the blogger must agree to work with you. To do so, you also have to ensure that you have the same work ethics as her, and voila, you’ll get a great deal.

Types of PR Packages

There are many types of PR packages for the sake of brand promotion. The decision is dependent on certain factors like

How well does the product resonate with the influencer?
If the blogger is ready to collaborate with your brand?
If the blogger is capable of producing good enough content for you?
Follower diversity of the blogger.
If your target market follows the blogger or not?

Suppose a cosmetic brand has to advertise its products via a blogger. In that case, it is common to approach makeup artists and creative makeup artists for advertisement. Brands send the paid PR to the blogger, who then unbox and use those products in their videos and pictures. They keep the products in Cosmetic Boxes or Custom Gift Boxes and then send it to the blogger.

For food bloggers, many restaurants and home-based eateries send their foods, both ready and half-prepped, for bloggers to try out online and review then and there.

The bloggers who review tech stuff have a different style. Many brands send them their newer devices like cameras, cellphones, and accessories to get unboxing and feedback. Technical advice is the best outcome from such blogs.

Clothing brands send in their newly launched pieces for display. Such PR packages also have accessories like matching shoes or earrings. Sometimes even a handbag to show the styling ways for that particular dress.

Likewise, skincare brands choose soap boxes filled with multiple soaps, hand-washing liquid, etc., to send in the PR package.

PR Package Add-Ons

The best way to send PR Packages is in custom gift boxes. What you need to do is to have relevant packaging, which resonates with your brand. You can get the best deals for customized packages from OBT Packaging. By doing so, you create a lasting impression on the blogger and the audience.

Also, you must add a handwritten/printed note to the package. The message must outline the details of your product and how to use it well. Sometimes, brands offer a discount code for certain bloggers in their handwritten notes.

Moreover, certain fillers are also a part of PR packages. Fillers are goods that are not precisely from the brand. But we add them to fill the box and add some goods only as a nice gesture. Things like chocolates, sweets, different products, and hair clips are commonly present in PR packages along with the target product.

If the brand has a big budget for PR Packages, cosmetic boxes, soap boxes, and even extra clothes become a part of the gift box. These things add to the beauty and value of the package.

PR Packages are a great way to put your brand out there with a super positive vibe. It may not be the easiest way to advertise, given the time it may take. But the outcome is excellent if the brands approach the right influencers for the right product. It is critical to match the blogger with your product.

For instance, Soap boxes will never be a good idea for tech-savvy bloggers. So, it is essential to plan out the PR Packages properly, connect with the blogger routinely, and then finalize everything. Because if done correctly, PR Packages are an investment to go a long way.

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