If you are unsure about what to do after school, worry not we got your back. If one voice tells you to go for law, and another tells you to be an entrepreneur. Who do you listen to? What about the career opportunities after the completion of the course?

These are some of the common questions you find yourself asking and it is alright to do so. How do you decide then? Here we provide you with these 5 simple tips that will help you to have a clearer view of what you want to do. 

Let’s dig in then and explore to know the best:

  1. Find what interests you 

It is important to know what interests you the most. You can make a list of things that you enjoy doing. For instance, if you love to click pictures, or write articles, and media-related work interests you then Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) would be a good choice. 

  • Research 

You then start looking up courses that fit your interest. But that is not enough, you need to have detailed knowledge of the subjects and other information about the course. BJMCcourse, for example, is a 3-year undergraduate course. A student under this course is expected to have a busy schedule similar to a media professional. You will also be trained for the fundamentals in ten different areas of mass communication. 

  • Finding the Right Institution and Eligibility

Once you decide on what you want to do, be careful while choosing a university or college. You need to look for the infrastructure, facilities, faculty, well-established placement cells, and such. The degree provided by the institution should have relevance while you apply for jobs in the future. You have to check whether your present subjects will allow you to apply for the course you are looking for. Go to the site of the university you wish to get admitted to and check for eligibility to confirm. 

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  • Cost of the Course

The degree you want to opt for should be within your financial capacity. As you would be investing in a course for a minimum duration of at least three years, the cost of study and expense should be well calculated. Many engineering colleges in Delhi NCR offer various B. Tech programmers at a reasonable price and placements with a good package deal as you complete your course. 

  • Career Opportunities

This is the most significant point you need to stress upon. The ultimate goal of getting a degree is to assure yourself of proper employment in the future. All your dedication and hard work put in during the course deserves to be rewarded. So, make sure while you are learning, research the jobs you might land on. Salary, conditions, department, and all should be well studied. 

With these tips, we hope your dilemma is resolved to some extent. Do not stop the hunt for your dream course and look for a quality education without compromising on your career opportunities. If you always wanted to be an engineer, go ahead and live your dream. Get your degree from the best engineering college in Delhi NCR today and shine bright!


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