We all know how important search engine optimization can be for a business to prosper. It is a tool that helps increase the number of customers. It essentially makes the website of your business appear more frequently on the search engine. This one makes your website rank higher on organic results. It will make your website appear on the top-listed sites of whatever your potential customer might search related to it. SEO is nothing but a means to enhance your website’s performance. And isn’t that something everyone would want for their website? Yes indeed!

 So, when it comes to increasing the website performance, there are various tools for that. Google lighthouse is one such tool. It is a part of the Chrome Devtools and is the first complex tool that has the sole purpose of assessing website optimization. Additionally, Google provides it directly. Of course! We did expect that. Lighthouse goes beyond focussing only on one area entirely. Although it primarily focuses on performance, it also examines a given page from different angles.

It is not a tool that targets only the developers, and because of its easy interface, anyone without coding knowledge can also use it effectively. When we talk about the lighthouse, we cannot ignore that it is an effective tool for measuring website speed. And Of Course! Everyone understands the importance of website speed in SEO rankings. We all want to access the information readily. That is why we use handy gadgets to access data instead of the big screens more. The speed of your website is essential here. It determines how much far ahead your firm would stand than your competitors. It is a big deal.

When it comes to using the lighthouse tool, we can run it in Chrome Dev5Tools, with the help of the google chrome plugin. We can also run it with the help of a command line or even a node module. It is a matter of choice. So, how does it work exactly? When the users run the Google Lighthouse, it generates audits. That further uses the lab data with a device that is predefined along with network settings. So, Google assumes that most of its users cannot access devices with high power and efficiency. Nor can they have high-speed connections. Therefore it mirrors the experience of a poor device on your own for running the audit.

One may ask now how do we improve the lighthouse scores anyway? Right? Well, there are two primary sections for that opportunities and diagnostics.

In the opportunities section, they identify the elements causing the problems and the URLs that are affected. Then comes the diagnostics part. It also identifies the issues associated with your website. But, it doesn’t necessarily affect the metrics used to calculate the performance as a whole.

So, now we understand that lighthouse is the default tool to measure the core web vitals. But, usually, when people hear about the lighthouse, its capability is overestimated. People assume that it is the only factor that decides the performance of your website. Undoubtedly, it is a fact that the google lighthouse scores are an efficient way to determine the functionality. But one may often ask the question of whether it affects search engine optimization? It is a valid question indeed! But they should also know one thing that it doesn’t necessarily have to. The lighthouse score is nothing but the measure of your site’s usability.

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The scores of Google lighthouse rely on lab data entirely. That paves the way to an opportunity. It is a fact that Google is more inclined towards the website’s performance, which relies on real visitors. Essentially the value that appears to the user is what Google uses. It does not prefer the lab data and depends on the field data that comes from the actual visitors. Imagine a situation in which your site has low traffic. Then Google won’t have enough field data to calculate the core web-vital. In such cases, the lighthouse score loses its reliability even further. Therefore, we can say that the sites with even bad scores can get better ranks.

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