They are the ugly duckling for some, who must avoid at all costs. Kraft bags are frequently linked with cardboard shipping boxes that lack flair, personalization, or beauty due to their brown tone.

Kraft bags

It could be further the truth, as you’ll learn in this blog post:

For many firms, Kraft cartons are the best option. Their gritty aesthetic is the secret ingredient in a slew of clever branding ideas. The fact that they’re constructed entirely of post-consumer recycled materials is the cherry on top.

Kraft bags are as attractive as they are functional due to the high amount of personalization available.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with the ins and outs of Kraft bags and learn where and how they might help you with your product.

An overview of Kraft bags and Kraft paper:

What exactly is Kraft paper, and how does it get made?

Trees are the source of paper as we know it. More specifically, the pulp is made from wood fibers.

Among other substances, pulpwood fibers contain cellulose and lignin. Lignin is a chemical that keeps the fibers together and gives brown paper its color.

Many people are unaware that paper is not always white. The fibers must be bleached to generate white paper.

What is it about custom Kraft bags that makes it so appealing? Its unbleached pulp, which means it’s the purest, chlorine-free paper available. It does not need to be treated to achieve its lovely brown hue.

Bleaching is, as you might expect, a chemical process. Therefore the fewer processes paper has to go through, the more environmentally friendly it is.

After processing, samples of wood pulp:

After processing, wood pulp samples unbleached Kraft on the bottom, unbleached sulfite in the middle, and bleached pulp on top. Source

Why should you feel proud to use Kraft paper boxes?

There are several other reasons why utilizing Kraft paper beneficial environment.

To you, what does this imply? You can take pride in being a firm that reduces its carbon footprint. What does it mean, and why does it matter? Let’s have a look at it in more detail.

1. Kraft cartons are made entirely of 100% recyclable materials:

While virgin Kraft bags packaging is created from unbleached pulp, recycled Kraft paper is used in most Kraft bags. The Kraft paperboard we use in all of our Kraft bags is created entirely of post-consumer recycled material!

You’re helping the recycling sector all over the world.

Kraft paper is manufactured entirely of recycled materials.

2. The boxes are made of uncoated Kraft paper:

Because Kraft paper is less processed, it has a rougher texture that makes coatings and laminates challenging.

What makes you think this is a good thing? Because coatings and laminates remove from the paper, recycling becomes more difficult. Kraft bags are even more environmentally friendly because they uncoat.

Kraft paper makes of uncoat paper.

3. Kraft bags are 100 percent recyclable due to their uncoated texture:

Kraft bags packaging are the most natural of the pack options. They biodegrade quickly and leave no harmful residues because they don’t have any coatings. When you combine this with the certified organic inks we print everything, you are confident that your packaging is 100 percent environmentally friendly.

Learn more about our printing, inks, and ecologically responsible practices.

Boxes made of Kraft are 100 percent recyclable.

But why should you be concerned about the environment? Because it means higher sales and long-term customers.

Plastics and non-recyclable packaging are being phase out. The desire for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions is hugely significant. With Kraft bags, you’re killing two birds with one stone:

  • They’re environmentally beneficial.
  • They’re less expensive.
  • They generate more sales.
  • They make pleased consumers.

Overall, this means you make more money, and your items reach a larger audience, assisting you in achieving your objectives.

Kraft bags

4. Kraft cartons are also robust and long-lasting:

Even though Kraft paper uncoat card stock, its thickness (18 points) makes it resistant to moisture and more intensive handling.

The rough texture also prevents scratches and cha-cha’ing they’re ideal for heavier goods like candle jars, cups, and beverage items because they include an auto-lock bottom.

The thickness of Kraft paper

From the smallest to the largest box size, Kraft paper is robust and resilient.

More fragile goods, such as jewelry or skincare products in glass dropper bottles or small glass jars, will, of course, be appropriately safeguard.

Kraft bags have a natural aesthetic that you can personalize to your liking.

Despite common assumptions, Kraft bags are appropriate for any product. Handmade products, such as soap and homemade skincare, as well as food and edibles, presents, and toys, make up a large portion of our client base. The demand for Kraft bags is high!

Kraft bags are the way to go if your packaging has an organic, natural look and feel. The wood fiber and recycled paper dots are visible, giving the paper an authentic rough, textured appearance.

Is it possible to personalize Kraft bags?

Absolutely! If you don’t think Kraft bags are beautiful on their own, there are so many ways to customize them that we’re not sure where to begin. The collection includes everything from plain Kraft bags with simple labels to gold foils, brilliant colors, and cutouts.

Kraft bags with personalized labels at a low cost:

A blank customize boxes with a primary label is the simplest and most cost-effective way to package your products, and it works for any business. Men’s grooming items is one of the most booming industries for which we’ve developed Kraft bags with labels.


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