PRP hair treatment los angeles is the most advanced in the world of esthetics. It consists of the application of plasma in the capillary region, being ideal for hair loss. This treatment stimulates and maintains natural hair growth by increasing the blood supply of your hair follicle and increasing the thickness of your hair.

Platelets present in plasma are rich in growth factors, causing regeneration of hair follicles and thus stimulating new growth. In addition, the treatment with PRP is very safe as it is made with biological material. Read more below on prp hair treatment Los Angeles if worth it to you.

What is the PRP?

The PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. In case you don’t know, plasma is extracted from your blood by centrifugation. What is done in this treatment is to remove blood from a patient, and it is centrifuged to separate the platelets in the blood from the red blood cells and other things.

The liquid obtained, called plasma, is injected into the area to be treated, in this case, in our head, although this treatment is also used for joints, treating wounds, or rejuvenation treatments. In this post, of course, we focus on the application of the hair.

Plasma is obtained by depriving the blood of cells such as red blood cells and white blood cells. It has a large number of substances called “growth factors” that promote cell migration and division. These factors can stimulate the reparative response of damaged tissues, which is why it is used in hair surgeries.

How does PRP work?

This is hard to say. But in simple words inclined to think that it helps and provides necessary properties for proper follicular growth. But let’s not think it’s miraculous. We have to understand that this is a treatment to enhance hair growth or improve the result of a hair transplant, only that, and it neither creates hair nor helps to recover that which is already dead.

Does this mean it’s not worth it? No, knowing precisely what it is for, it is good to give our hair a boost when it is delicate or go through the wrong time.

When do I recommend it?

I recommend doing a PRP at two specific times: when you want to improve the evolution of your hair transplant and when you go through a period of seasonal loss or phase in which the hair is weaker.

  • The recommendation for after a transplant depends on the sessions you are going to have. A minimum and recommend three platelet-rich plasma treatments, for example, at 3, 6, and 9 months after hair transplant. If you do more sessions, always do them at crucial moments of the transplant. In the shock loss phase, the beginning of the growth stage and the end of the process are in the desert phase. Above all, it will help the crown area to evolve better.
  • We have already talked about seasonal fall times before. We place them at the year when we go from cold to hot or vice versa. In these times we can lose a lot of hair, more than usual. That is why it would be interesting that you do a PRP to give extra strength to your hair in these times. For this, doing a couple of sessions a year would be enough.

What is a PRP worth?

The price of this treatment cannot be limited, as is the case with hair transplants.

Followers of mine have told me prices that vary from € 90 to € 500, and it depends on the city, the country, and the doctor. 

The best thing is you have to ask for your opinions about those clinics. And, if you find a good clinic, share it with others.

I have always paid between € 100 and € 150 per session in Murcia.


The PRP treatment for alopecia, or hair loss, is considered among the non-invasive methods that are the most effective to repair and thicken the hair.

 It is a natural treatment for hair loss and baldness without side effects, and you don’t have to risk allergies or other complications as all the material used comes from the patient.

Not only can PRP help promote healthy hair regrowth, but it also can make your hair look thicker and more vibrant.

 Many people facing the challenge of baldness are turning to PRP treatment and with incredible results.

Is Treatment with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Worth

Treatment with PRP can be considered an “adjuvant” practice localized in a particular body and tissue area, through the infiltrative administration or superficial apposition of a blood component consisting of concentrated platelets (4 – 5 times the basal number), which aims to initiate and accelerate tissue repair/regeneration.

The treatment’s rationale consists of mimicking what happens in various area when the organism has to repair tissue damage and is placed in the presence of particular granules possessed by platelets of small proteins known as growth factors. Platelets intervene prematurely in damaged tissue areas, where, following activation, they release growth factors. By binding to specific receptors present on the surface of the tissue cells, these stimulate their proliferation and differentiation, triggering a more exhaustive process of cellular and vascular involvement that proceeds in the repair.

The cells sensitive to this action are of various types, all deriving from identical embryonic progeny: cells of the skin, blood vessels, cartilage, and tendon. This explains the usefulness of use in various specialized fields where a repair function is required.

For just over twenty years, the use of tissue stimulation of platelet growth factors through the easy obtaining of platelets from a blood sample with minor manipulations to prepare an adequate, effective concentration has gradually spread in polispecialistico clinical practice, with a notable acceleration in the last five years.


If you are here reading on the PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles, we have come across several of the questions regarding if the PRP is worthy of the medicine you are taking. When doing some research, you will know how helpful prp hair is playing a role for your body.


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