HP Wireless Printer are very reliable and offer good functionality. You can easily set those printers with devices due to the simple interface. On new HP printers, you can configure them with PCs using cable or wirelessly. You can use the Bluetooth function or can connect the printer directly to the network. 

Connecting HP Wireless Printer to PC

Connecting the printer wirelessly seems difficult. But when you follow the correct steps, you can connect it in a few steps. Before connection, make sure your HP printer offers wireless connection functionality. Not all devices allow wireless connection. If you have a new HP printer model then it will surely allow the wireless connection.  

  1. Open your HP printer and make it ready for wireless configuration
  2. Go to printer screen and tap on Setup
  3. Tap on Wireless LAN connection
  4. On the router, check for the SSID
  5. You will get the SSID on the router or the bottom of the taskbar
  6. The user must have the correct password of SSID for the connection
  7. Go to the Windows icon and choose Settings
  8. Select Devices and tap on Add a Printer or Scanner
  9. You will see the HP printer name on the screen

Choose the printer and select Add Device. Now the printer will be connected to the PC wirelessly. In HP computers, you don’t require a printer driver. The printer will receive commands directly. But when you are using other PCs, install the driver. You will get it on the HP website. After installing the correct setup, you can use the HP printer wirelessly on a PC.

Connecting HP Wireless Printer to Android Device

Today people prefer carrying all documents on the cloud. They can easily access it from any system. If you have the document on the cloud and you are using a phone then connect it to a PC and take printout directly. For the Android device, you can use Google Cloud Print. It allows the printer-phone (Android) connection. Before configuring the printer, get the setup from the play store. Search for Google Cloud Print and install it immediately.

But your HP printer will only work when it is registered in Google Cloud Print. Go to Chrome and click on Settings. Select Advanced settings and choose Google Cloud print. Now tap on Manage cloud Print devices and then add Printers. When the printer is connected, choose the printer name and now your HP printer is connected to the cloud print. Once you add the printer, now you can access it from any Android device which has a Google Print App

  1. Open the file on your phone
  2. Tap on the Print option
  3. Now the phone will start searching for the printer. Choose an HP printer and now take the printouts easily. 

What to do when an HP Printer not Responding?

Many users reported that the printer is not responding after connection. The error appears when some printer functions stop working. You have to check for the connection.

Connect PC to correct HP Printer

This error appears when many printers are available for connection. Go to the Devices and Printers and then check the printer name. Inspect the whole model number for confirmation. If the PC is connected to the wrong printer then disconnect it. Again go to Add a Device option and then choose the correct printer by checking the name. On network printing, you can check the network information page. Take its printouts and inspect the SSID of the network.

Install correct Printer Driver

The user often forgets to install the correct driver. You need the correct driver for using the HP printer. You can’t use the same HP printer driver for every model. If you have the correct driver then check for its update. Get the latest update for your HP printer driver and then check for the not responding issues.

Send a valid Print job

The printer shows an error if the user is sending the invalid command. You can’t take printouts of secured documents directly. Get the permission and then try to take the printouts. Make sure the document is printable. You may have to change the extension for taking the printouts.

Restart your HP Printer

Some people get the not responding error when the services can’t start correctly. You can restart the printer for troubleshooting the error. Remove cable from the HP printer device. Now connect it and services will start working. Send the print job and inspect the printer error. 

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