Your kitchen counter is one of the focal points of your cooking space. Moreover, it holds most of the attention from the inmates and visitors alike. That is why it is crucial to keep it organized and clean all the time. But, if you struggle with a messed-up counter, stick to this post. Organizing and styling go hand in hand. Here, you will learn that one simple rule that will change the aura of your kitchen counter. 

The only rule for a simplified kitchen counter:

So, the only rule for having a simplified kitchen counter is to keep it functional. Yes, you heard it right! Keep in mind that your countertop does not only need pretty stuff. But, it only requires practical items that will aid the cooking. Moreover, what is the point of using ornaments that is of no use? Clutter is always annoying. That is why break down the list of items to feel good about your cooking space. 

In that context, here are the topmost functional items that you can put on your kitchen counter. 

Things to keep on the kitchen counter:

  1. Use a pedestal bowl
  2. Woodcutting boards
  3. A salt and pepper tray
  4. A knife block
  5. Nice soap dispensers
  6. Coffee mug rack
  7. One or two live plants
  8. Stand a few trays

  1. Use a pedestal bowl:

Well, it can be a woven basket, a brass stand, or a pedestal bowl that you can display on the countertop. Not only does it look pretty, but also it accommodates most of the fruits. So, things like these are a long investment based on their usage and durability. Moreover, you can fill it with any of your favorite snacks.

  1. Woodcutting boards:

No kitchen counter is sufficient without cutting boards. They are the essence of your cooking space. So, go for one or more cutting boards on the counter. Plus, wooden boards look stunning on natural stone surfaces. 

  1. A salt and pepper tray:

The next thing to keep on the counter is a salt and pepper tray. A round tray will easily adjust on the counter and keep two or more salt shakers in it. In this way, you will not have to open the cabinets for the kitchen in Schaumburg every time you need salt or spices. In addition, you can put your olive oil bottle on that tray.

  1. A knife block:

If you are married, most of you will get these knife blocks as housewarming gifts. Well, put these items on your kitchen counter. It is nothing to hide but to use when you need it. So, skip the hassle of going to drawers every time you need a knife. Simplify your cooking tasks by having a knife holder right in front of you. 

  1. Nice soap dispensers:

If you have a few baskets on your counter that you do not use often, it’s time to change their place. Put these rarely used items in the space between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. In addition, get a few pretty soap dispensers for your sink area. So, keep one bottle for your hand wash and one for your dishwashing. Also, you can put them in a brass tray holder. Consequently, they will not fall every time you use them.  

  1. Coffee mug rack:

Like all the other vital things, do not forget to get a coffee mug to stand on your counter. You can keep this stand near the stove. In this way, you can grab a coffee mug quickly, without having to waste time looking for it. It will leave some space in the kitchen cabinets as well. 

  1. One or two live plants:

Well, do you have a few live plants? If yes, then do not put them on the kitchen counter. Yes, you heard that right! It might leave some dust or mud particles on the counter. That is why place them with your pretty soap dispensers. Firstly, they will look beautiful in the window. Secondly, they will get enough daylight and fresh air.

  1. Stand a few trays:

First of all, you must not put the trays on the main counter. On the contrary, you should stand them with the backsplash. Use two or more trays so that you may reach them right away. Also, serving trays are a must to have at hand in the kitchen. 

Summing up:

Most people think of kitchen countertops as an opportunity to display what they like. That is a false approach! That one rule of functionality will help you realize that your counter must have practical stuff on it. So, simplify your counter decoration with trays, baskets, coffee mug stand, and cutting g boards. In addition, put a few soap dispensers and live plants in the window area for a refreshing look. Try this and simplify your time in the kitchen. 



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