How to make her chase you is something almost every guy wants to know. Why is it so hard to snag a girl’s attention? Is there any secret trick that works over again? Well….no, there isn’t.

It s simple for girls to make men chase them mainly because all men are interested primarily in sex. They are easily attracted by what they view. A woman is able to use her sexy body to attract men and eventually get them to pursue her. So what attracts women to men?

How to Make Her Chase You

Most women prefer a guy who is financially secure, funny, good-looking, and romantic. If you can exhibit those characteristics to a girl, then you are well on your way to learning how to make her chase you. But if you are not as good-looking or financially secure as you would like, then you will have to do some work in order to gain the respect of a girl. Here is how to motivate her to chase you.

Start building up your confidence Don’t be a guy who always feels bad about himself. Women find it much easier to chase men who are confident. You will need to work on your inner confidence if you want to learn how to make women chase you in a relationship. Work on your self-esteem and be confident in yourself.

Be mysterious When a woman is interested in a man she should start thinking about him in a different way. You should start treating her like an important person. Try to learn how to make her chase you by keeping her at arm’s length at all times. If a woman knows that you have something very valuable, she will want to know about it and might even pursue you. So start building up your intrigue and mystery.

How to Make Her Chase You

Leave her wanting for more Don’t fall into the usual dating routines where guys go out with one girl after another and talk about the same old stuff. If you don’t build up your sexual attraction, then a girl might get bored with you quickly. The more exciting you are, the more she will chase you. So one of the best ways to attract a woman is to give her lots of hot guys to date. Make it a point to date and flirt with several of them at the same time. If you can do this with some regularity, then she will be able to tell that you are the kind of guy who is interesting in more than just his sex appeal.

Get into the social circle This is the best part of how to make a girl chase you. If you hang out in the right social circles she will be chasing you. The reason is that if you hang out at the right places, then your girlfriends will have something in common with you. This makes it easier for you to hook up with her and there is a greater chance that you will end updating each other.

Use compliments One of the best ways to make a girl chase you is to give her positive feedback. Always give her positive feedback when she compliments you. Tell her how much you love the outfit she is wearing or how good she looked last night. Use compliments like self-confidence and it will work wonders. Start using compliments in your conversations and you will learn how to make her chase you in a relationship.

How to Make Her Chase You

Start building sexual tension This is the key to how to make a woman chase you. Sexual tension is what hooks a woman. This means you need to make her feel as though she is the only person interested in her and the only person you have eyes for. The best way to do this is by building sexual tension through flirting and compliments.

Don’t leave her alone Guys to have a tendency to think that their woman does not care about them if they leave her alone. Women, on the other hand, only chase men who chase them. If you start pursuing her too fast, she will get bored with you fast too. This is why it is important to build up your relationship gradually. This way, you will make her chase you and not someone else.

How to make her chase you and not someone else You can also use the friend zone to get a girl’s attention. If you hang out at a girl’s friend’s house and hang out with her when you don’t have a date, this makes her feel important and like she is someone special. However, this is a big mistake because it will leave you feeling vulnerable and this is the one thing that gets women uninterested in guys.


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