It is not only possible to travel to Australia for the purpose of study or direct establishment. There are those who just want to surf Surfers Paradise or take a closer look at Uluru or the famous Opera House, perhaps lying on the famous Bondi Beach for days while sometimes leaving the field to sniff out something else from Australia. Unfortunately, even such an easier activity requires an entry permit, so if you are arriving for tourist, shorter business or visitor purposes, the most obvious choice is an Australian tourist visa.

Australian tourist visa administration fee from 28 April 2019

  • e Visitor tourist visa: 15,000
  • Visitor visa: AUD 150

If you only have a maximum of 12 months in Australia, you do not need to go through a long and complicated visa application procedure, you will need to apply for a sufficient tourist visa from the immigration office. Australian tourist visas generally allow 3 months to stay abroad. But some can be extended to 12 months.

The simplest visa for UK citizens is the e Visitor visa. It can be applied for electronically and allows a maximum of 3 months for visits for tourism, business or short study purposes. If you want to stay outside for a longer period of time or have not really decided yet, you can still go to Australia as a tourist with another type of visa, which you can extend outside as well.

But let’s see exactly what types of tourist visas you can apply for and what they entitle you to:


  • Valid for 12 months:
  • It can be requested for tourism (vacation, family / friend visit). Short study (max. 3 months) or business (meeting, conference, business opportunity assessment)
  • You must have a valid passport and apply outside of Australia
  • Maximum stay of 3 months during the validity of the visa – multiple entry.
  • It Cannot be extended – other types of visas can be requested if you wish to stay

Visitor visa:

  • 3, 6 or 12 months stay
  • visitors – you can request it inside and outside Australia
  • maximum stay of 12 months
  • insurance for the duration of the stay – proof required
  • “no further stay”, meaning you will have to leave Australia once your visa has expired
  • may request a cover amount
  • For business purposes – must be applied for outside of Australia
  • presentation of business background
  • proof that you are indeed applying for a visa for business purposes
  • no sponsor required
  • Family visit with sponsorship. It must be applied for outside of Australia.
  • You should have Evidence of sponsorship of the family (member) to be visited
  • Proof that you really go to them for your family and really only for visitor purposes

Agency will determine how many times you can enter Australia:

  • Max. 3-month studies
  • Visa fee: AUD 135 per person (applies for applications outside of Australia)
  • One of the most important common features of Australian tourist visas is that it is FORBIDDEN. You can work while you are in the country with such a visa. So if you have any other plans than longer studies or settling in, ask us for help on which type of visa would be best for you!


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