Sometimes, filing a defamation claim in the court requires the help of a local defamation solicitor to pursue litigation in the proper jurisdiction. And hiring local counsel lawyers is often necessary in several internet defamation cases. Mainly where the claim’s defendant is somewhere outside the jurisdiction. Thus, such cases require a solicitor to practice with an authentic license.

However, the fess of local counsels can significantly influence the overall cost of your defamation case. That is mainly because not all attorneys charge the same everywhere. But the total price can somehow work in your favor if you are experiencing defamation that happens to occur in a low-priced jurisdiction.

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Factors Impacting Defamation Solicitors Costs

Many significant factors have a considerable influence on the average costs of a defamation case. Some primary ones are given as follows:

whether a court order is essentially required to remove the content in any question

  1. if a defendant’s confirmed identity is unknown or known
  2. whether you are going to seek monetary relief
  3. the amount of online defamatory content
  4. whether the time of the case proceeding is of the essence or not
  5. fee charges for local counsels
  6. whether the other side contests the defamation case or not
  7. the kind of attorney’s fee structure on which you agree, and many more.

Differences in Fees Structure and Cost Impacts of the Best Solicitors in Dublin

The attorney fees of various defamation cases are based on your agreed fee structure with your defamation attorney. However, there are three principal types of fee structures on which the majority of defamation solicitors work:

1.    Retainer Fees

A retainer fee is somewhat that is an upfront deposit offered before the casework begins. Hourly charges are demanded from that retainer frequently monthly.

For this, you are given a billing statement. That is so that you can keep proper track of all the costs regarding the case. But, remember, you don’t have to pay any fees to the best solicitors in Dublin unless the retainer is depleted. At such a point, you will also be required to make timely payments and be billed month-to-month.

Otherwise, often you might be subjected to some evergreen retainer. That generally includes a basic rule that your retainer fee structure does not drop the total payment below a specified amount.

2.    Contingency Fees

Several clients and customers of top law firms Dublin like Lawlor Partners may have seen advertisements displaying, “no fee unless you win” tag. That is generally denoted as a “contingency fee structure.” That means the payment in such legal cases is contingent upon a particular result.

While such a fee structure is popular among a few legal fields like personal injury. But it is incredibly rare for many online defamation cases.

However, some reliable defamation solicitors may present a guaranteed money payback offer in just a few cases. But this option is just available if the defamatory content is posted somewhere on any particular website.

3.    Flat Fees

Similar to the contingency fee structure, flat fee charges are not common and practical for defamation cases. That is because many variables significantly influence the cost of a claim. So, it becomes impossible to set an already established fee structure that accounts for all case result possibilities.

Moreover, flat fees may save on some costs for people facing expensive defamation cases. But, on the other hand, sometimes, when handled by the best solicitors in Dublin, they may be unfairly high.


We have determined that the retainer’s hourly fee structure is the best option. It is the most feasible way of billing the best solicitors in Dublin for all these significant reasons and impacts.  


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