If you’re looking for the best platform to build a robust application, then surely you’ve heard about Flutter and React Native platform. But you’re confused between both platforms? Because both are highly in demand and come with their Uniqueness.  

Flutter is mainly used for those with a limited budget who want a simple application with a compelling UI. But React Native is used when you’ve enough funds and want to build a powerful application.

Both platforms are proliferating and building applications on both App Store & Google Play Store. In this article, we’ll make an in-depth comparison between both platforms, and at the end, you’ll find out which platform is best to fulfill your requirements. 

Without wasting a second, let’s Begin!

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source framework that works on a language, “Dart,” developed by Google. This Framework is mainly used to enhance the level of application UI and make customers’ experience more delightful. And the best part of using this Framework is that it works on a single codebase. Therefore, most businesses use this Framework to develop applications that are easy to use and have a flexible UI with high performance. 

In Short:

You can use this Framework for MVP mobile applications

For high material Design

Comes with advanced OS Plugins

To build high-performance apps

It comes with a Flexible UI

Flutter: Pros & Cons


This Framework helps you to make instant changes in application

With this Framework, it’s easy to build a high-performance application

Built with a single codebase 

You can build applications faster


● It does not support web apps

● It’s a new technology not so Popular

Some Biggest Popular Apps made with flutter:

Here are some most popular apps built with the flutter framework:

#1 Google Ads

#2 Tencent

#3 Alibaba

#4 eBay

#5 BMW

#6 Reflect

And many more popular applications built with the flutter framework. 

What is React Native?

React Facebook builds native. It’s a general open-source framework that runs on Javascript. This Framework is mainly used to build Android & iOS applications. To build a robust and helpful application, react-native Frameworks are constructive. 

In Short: 

*It’s a simple app platform

*Help to build a quick prototype app

*You can build simple UI

*Help to build responsive and Flexible UI

*Comes with reusable Components

React Native: Pros & Cons


*Used to build applications faster

*Low-cost application development

*It comes with stable growth

*Allow integrating with native application

*It has one Framework and multiple platforms 

*It comes with a simple UI


● It’s not a native solution

● And it’s hard to debug

Some Biggest Popular Apps made with React Native:

Here are some most prominent applications made with this framework:

#1 Facebook

#2 Walmart

#3 Bloomberg

#4 Instagram

#5 SoundCloud

#6 Wix

And many more applications made with this Framework. 

Flutter Vs. React Native: Features Comparison

#1 Performance

As per the results of performance, React Native is a lower performance compared to flutter. However, because of JavaScript, no. of frames dropped is higher than flutter. And it’s the main reason that React Native is taking more time to build applications than flutter. 

#2 Suitable for Complex Applications

Flutter is not suitable for complex applications, but it’s good for startups to build Minimal Valuable Products (MVP). But React Native is the best solution to build complex applications quickly. 

#3 Ease of Testing

This Framework comes with a unit, widget, integration, and detailed documentation. Flutter comes with extraordinary support for testing all functions carefully. But React Native comes with no official permission to test functions. So this Framework needs to rely on Third-Party libraries. 

#4 Learning Curve

React Native is easier to learn because of JavaScript. In addition, it comes with so many documents, libraries, and tutorials to learn this Framework faster. Flutter is also not tough to know because app development with flutter is easy. 

#5  Team Size Comparison

If you’re building an application with React Native, you need five to ten developers in your team. And at least two React Native professionals. But if you’re using the Flutter framework, you need less than five developers to build an application because its learning curve is easy. 

Final Verdict

Finally, we’ve covered a detailed comparison between both frameworks with their features and benefits. Both platforms come with their features and uniqueness. It would be best if you found out which platform is best to fulfill your requirements. But if you’re still confused, then let me help you:

If you know well with javascript, then it’s easy to build an application with React Native. You can hire React Native App Development Company to start building your application.

If you want to build a Scalable application with high performance, you can use the flutter framework. For this, you can hire Flutter App Development Company to start building your application. 

After selecting the Framework, you need to hire the Best Mobile App Development Company in India and build your vision into reality. Drop your comment and let me know which platform is more advantageous for you?



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