Every successful business strives for long term sustainable profits and an employee portal is a tool which lets that happen. Employee or HR portal supports the organisation by uplifting its employee experience, employee productivity and retaining staff.

Employee portal is basically an online employee engagement platform that simplifies a wide range of HR services. From providing employees with helpful HR content to carrying out meetings and live chats, an employee portal does it all.

Why Does Your Organisation Need An Employee Portal?

Employee portal is the need of the hour. It lets an organisation drive sales faster, allows employees to be more productive and much more. By choosing a common portal for employees, an organisation multiplies its rate of success up to many more times. Here are a few benefits of this.

Improved HR Operations

With an effective employee intranet portal you get to cut down inbound inquiries, questions and requests into HR. This reduction helps HR to focus on their actual job role and prioritise their work in many ways. After the job of HR gets simplified through such a portal, they start devoting themselves to higher value added services and help organisations earn better profits.

Unified Employee Experience

Next benefit of having the best corporate intranet is being able to offer a unified experience to the employees. Within the last few years, the expectations of the technology which employees use in the workplace has risen to a great extent. Apps like Facebook and Google, that employees use in their day to day lives have leveled up their bars in terms of technology. This is why they expect a lot more from corporate intranet too. Standing by your employees’ expectations will not only help your staff members but you too. They will be able to deliver better and fast results and you will be able to earn more profits.

Increased Employee Engagement

By choosing the best intranet platforms a company tends to increase employee engagement. This happens because all these platforms are designed as per consumer grade specifications which efficiently meets employee technical requirements and hence raises the engagement levels. The modern communication technologies are designed and accessed in a way that they easily adapt to employees changing needs and behaviour through an employee portal. This helps and enables employees to communicate well with one another.

Better Productivity and Performance

The new age portals for employees come with exclusive features like self service, automatic etc. These features help in reducing all the extra workload from team leaders, HRs and allow them to work on their priorities. This somehow allows everyone in the organisation to perform better and level up the productivity. Hence productivity increases not only in the HR department but also in other teams of managers and employees themselves.

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