An Emotional Side of Erectile Dysfunction

Steve, 68, had just retired. This was his second attempt to retire. The first time was at the age of 65 but his wife was working, which made it difficult to transition to retirement life. After his wife had retire three more years after, Steve was convinced that he’d do fine. Then he experienced trouble getting an erection. His doctor diagnosed him as having erectile dysfunction without a known root.

Erectile disorder (ED) is also known as impotence is a medical diagnosis for any condition that causes the patient is unable to get or keep an erection. WebMD estimates at least the number of U.S. men are affected every year. It is more prevalent among older men, however it is becoming evident by men as young as teens. The main causes are alcohol use, medical Cenforce 150drugs or fatigue, as well as the result of a hormonal imbalance or heart problem. There are medical treatments and prosthetics that can help the patient. In Steve’s situation He refused both of them because he was not a fan of taking medication and did not want surgery.

“It was boun to happen at my age,” the man said in his first office visit. Hotmedz.

We continued to talk about the complexities that he had to do with his sexuality. He would have a powerful sexual erection but halfway during the intercourse, he’d lose the firmness and not be able to get straight again. He would usually wake up with a sexual pleasure and would try sex in the morning. They were not able to try it at other times of the day. He didn’t masturbate. His wife and he both tried various positions, but the results were the same.

He said that his wife didn’t want sex, and Steve believed that his wife was not concerned that they were having issues. Steve considered it an inconsistency in his manhood.

When did all this begin? Just after he had was fired.

The sudden beginning of ED and his retirement had been more than just coincidence. He had an normal erection prior to that and his retirement was likely been a factor.

Steve was employed by the city, conducting inspections of restaurants for the majority of his adulthood. He was employed for 40 hours per week. When aske to describe his working day, he was seated higher than his desk and was elated. He said he’d miss the social interactions and being satisfie that he had done a great job in his job.

He also mentioned that he will get older and suffer from “old age” problems like heart attacks, was of the opinion that any activity could trigger an attack on the heart, also claime that it was like he had been “put out to pasture” since he had become effective. If you have suffering any erectile dysfunction problems, so you can use Cenforce 200 medicine.

“Being useful” was mentioned often throughout the interview. This is a significant aspect in the situation Steve was facing.

Since his retirement, he’s spent more time with animals from the farm (they owned an animal farm for hobby purposes) and has also been taking an art class. The wife is keeping in on reading and she was still “adjusting to being retired”. There were occasions when they went out for dinner however for the major of the time, they stayed home. No travel or vacations were schedule.

Steve thought that his wife’s lack of interest in sexual activity could be the cause of the ED However, when we talk about it, the issue hadn’t chang since the time they were married.

In assessing an issue that has chang when you are looking at a new condition, it is essential to consider what’s changed and not just what’s been the same for quite a while. Steve’s wife’s lack of interest in sexual activity was not something new. The only thing that was new was his retirement.

The most common thread between sexual relations and work is the performance. The loss of employment means the end to efficiency… and also the capacity to sexually engage in Steve’s instance. Steve no longer had a place at work, which Steve believed was something that was a “man’s job”. A part of being a male was being able to achieve a sexual erection.

I suggested the remedy Argentum Nitricum. The most common reason for remedies made of metal is thinking there is a fault in themselves or a weakness. Principal characteristics for Argentum nitricum:

  • The sudden laxity of penis
  • Incomplete erection
  • Frequent urination (a concomitant)
  • A fear of his heart, the heart could attack

Anxiety and fear of performance

Steve was hesitant to believe there was a mental or emotional cause for the ED. The majority of people don’t want to think that something mental or mental could be the cause of any physical issue they may suffer from. The culture of our time tends to look physical causes to be the reason for physical issues, and for emotions to be the sole reason for the way we behave.

I suggested to Steve to test the solution regardless and inform me if it did not work.

The remedy was trie and notice it helpe. Once Steve stopped taking it, the problem resurfaced. However, Steve didn’t want to think that his ED could have any connection in any way with “performance”.

Three months later, Steve began an internship during the summer. His ED was no longer a concern. After the procedure was complete at the end of fall his Erectile Dysfunction was back. Steve began to realize that there was a connection.

Steve was still taking Argentum nitricum when needed after he discovered the link between his performance and ED and ED, he was able to overcome the mental stress of inability to perform. After one year of taking the remedy at least three often, Steve stated he no anymore has issues keeping an erection.

Disclaimer: Information given is only for informational purposes. It is essential to not make any health-related decisions or cease any medication before consulting with your physician or health professional.


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