It seems obvious, but there are significant differences in hormone replacement therapy for men and women – some of which you may not have even thought about! While men may not have overt symptoms of low hormone levels, there are still consequences. We can help you rebalance your body – and help men reduce weight gain, fat accumulation and other body composition changes, restore their libido, increase strength and mental clarity, and more.

Testosterone replacement mobile iv therapy scottsdale (TRT) plays an important role in this – and men have different requirements for how they get it. For example, overweight men don’t do well with topical doses of testosterone because fat cells easily convert it to estrogen. This is why testosterone replacement therapy in the form of injections is the most common and preferred method, although nasal drops, suction drops/pills and creams are also available.

In addition to the inevitable decrease in testosterone that all men experience.

There may also be a decrease in DHEA and human growth hormone (HGH). There is no magic bullet to get each of these hormones back in the right range. That’s why we offer HRT as part of our holistic approach to health. Only after evaluating your test results and other factors do we offer an individualized treatment plan.

Hormone replacement mobile iv therapy scottsdale for women can be much more differentiated. Menopause is a clear indicator of declining estrogen levels and ongoing changes in other hormones such as progesterone and testosterone.

 However, there are many times in life when these levels can be disrupted. Childbirth, pregnancy and even lifestyle changes can cause significant fluctuations in hormone levels, and the way they interact is complex and individual. Some women, for example, are helped by treatment with testosterone or progesterone to restore balance.

Treating only one hormone is a short-sighted approach that doesn’t take into account the complexity of these changes and fluctuations. Likewise, if you only address the internal causes of these changes, you lose sight of your overall health. Since your weight, diet and even activity level can affect your hormones, your health care team must take all aspects into account.

Starting with your first session at The Health Source Clinic, your hormonal imbalances will be treated with a comprehensive approach. In addition to individualized doses, which are usually prescribed in the form of capsules and creams, women receive individualized guidance on all aspects of their health. Our team can help you recover from the inside out and become the best you can be!

Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Let’s take a look at the different types of hormone replacement therapy. The type of hormone and the person receiving it determine the method and frequency of administration. Hormones can be divided into steroids (cholesterol-based) and peptides (amino acid/protein-based). There are many factors to consider when choosing the best type of hormone mobile iv therapy scottsdale.

 First, we consider the hormone that needs to be balanced and your overall health. However, finding a medication is not as easy as prescribing a hormone. We measure levels to determine if there is an excess or deficiency, to prepare the body to detoxify and excrete if there is an excess. There are so many problems associated with an excess of hormones, not just a deficiency.

As mentioned earlier, there are differences between men and women in the way hormones are used. Injections, nasal sprays, suction drops/pills and creams can be used. In the case of peptide therapy, the patient receives small injections of insulin, which he/she injects himself/herself every day/week. This is a very convenient way of home delivery with fantastic results.


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