The decoration is an item that can make a room or place more beautiful. This is something which is essential for any occasion. The atmosphere, ambiance all depend on the decoration. It can make an event more enjoyable, attractive, and beautiful. It also affects our mood, when we see good things we feel good. A good-looking house can reduce stress. There are so many different decoration ideas we see in our daily life. Using wall paint and color are also decorations.  It builds our confidence label.

1)Type of Decoration:

There are different ornaments available in the market. Candles, balloons, and flowers are important things for decoration. There are two types of decoration we all know. indoor decoration and outdoor decoration.


Indoor decoration can be anything. Depends on us. Whatever we like, we can do that. It can be simple sometimes. Most people like to celebrate or plan surprise birthday parties indoors.

  • Use colorful flowers. Flowers always make something more beautiful.
  • Use balloons. Balloons are a must have thing in a birthday party. Two color balloons look awesome. It’s a cheap and best idea.
  • Add some ribbon and colorful lights. Ribbons look so good with balloons.
  • Add a photo clipboard. Display some photos on the wall. It can make something more attractive.
  •  For sitting places, using an ikea futon is best for family, friends. It’s a super comfortable thing. You can also welcome your guest to stay overnight.
  • Creating a birthday gate with balloons is a cool idea. It’s not so expensive but attractive.
  • After decoration choosing a gift according to age and occasion is also important. A gifts for a 13 year old girl isn’t suitable for a 30 years old girl. a 10-15 years old girl may like dolls, cute makeup palette. But a 30 years old girl may like important, essential things.
  • For normal room decoration you just need to choose a perfect bright color wall, lights, curtains, and big mirror, a mirror can change the room length completely. Indoor plants look awesome in the house.

3)  Outdoor Decoration:

Some occasions are best to celebrate outdoors. Like a college party, a wedding reception party. These are preferable outdoors.

  • College fest  doesn’t need too much decoration, they just need stage music, and lights. That is what all students want.
  • Reception is a special day. And the right decoration can make it more special and attractive. When it comes to weddings every single thing is important.
  • Decorate the dining table with cover and flowers. 
  • Arrange a sitting area for your guests.
  • Choose some unique flowers, floral color is very common nowadays. If you are looking for unique things then go for the green color. Green leaves give a fresh and unique look.
  • Put a welcome garden flag in the main gate. Choose something which can express your style. Choose a unique item. When guests enter they see it first.
  • Choosing perfect light can make that thing more attractive.

4)  Conclusion:

The decoration is art, a presentation which can tell everyone your taste, choice. We can change the atmosphere with the help of flowers, lights. We just need to choose carefully some ornaments which match the occasion. Flowers express our emotions to others. Red flowers mean love, white is friendship. Flowers spread the fragrance. When we go somewhere, we feel happy when the ambiance is good. There are different types of decoration available. Like modern, minimalist, traditional, industrial. The purpose of this is to make something beautiful, attractive and make that day extra special. When we put some extra effort on something, that thing becomes more beautiful automatically.


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