Shoes are the most important accessory for your personality. You can wear the most branded outfit but if you have accessorized it the wrong way, your charm would be stolen. Shoes and jewelry are the most important and basic accessory that women need which acts as the shelter to your outfits. Not only women but men are in their a-game of fashion when it comes to choosing the right shoes for their outfits. Shoes have been our most favourite thing to search for when we look for inspiration for our fashion style. From actors to celebrities and bloggers/influencers, everyone knows the importance of a good shoe choice. They could either make or break your look so you have to be very careful to choose the right pair that would fit your personality and style.

Flats, heels, sneakers, sandals, mules, loafers, boots, chelsea boots, ankle boots, slip ons, espadrilles, slippers, oxfords, monks, derby, stiletto, platform, ankle strap, pumps, desert boots and trainers etc – these are the few basic type of shoes that are worn by the women. Shoes are now categorized by fashion magazines as per the events as well. For formals and luxury events, you go for heels which includes the stilettos, platforms, ankle strap and pump etc.

The favourite Pakistani shoes which are khussas are every girl’s favourite right now. The Pakistani brands have been creating collections and manufacturing all the types of shoes that are worn by women. Affordable, full of variety, comfort, style and uniqueness is what the brands have focused on. Men’s shoes including boots, sandals, khussas, oxfords, loafers and sneakers all now have an entire collection at the brands making sure that the demands of the target audience is met.

When you are attending a festive event or wearing a western attire, you would always opt towards wearing heels and fancier heels that would compliment your entire look. When it comes to wearing ethnic, styling with a khussa would always be the perfect choice for the complete look. When you are going on a casual errand run you would opt towards slip ons and espadrilles. Going to road trips would always make you choose the comfortable shoes that you could have. When going on walks, you would want to wear comfortable shoes that would feel light on your feet and would make your feet not tired after 5 minutes. So, shoes are basically the most basic necessity and need of everyone when it comes to shopping.

Be it wedding events or formal dinners, men’s shoes are always going to make or break their entire look and personality check. Even if you are a groom or a groomsman, you need the perfect pair of shoes to complete your look. Women’s shoes from bridal to casual wear are also in the top list to check when shopping keeping in mind the comfort, style, trend, affordability and variety.

From basic to luxury shoes, all categories of men and women are available at LAAM. You can easily avoid the hassle of going to 10 different shops to find shoes for every season and every event and just click on the website and shop at one single platform.

LAAM is a platform in Pakistan that is providing the variety of all types of shoes at one platform and giving you the opportunity and freedom to buy the shoes from the top selling brands of Pakistan. You get to choose your favourite type of shoes from the top selling brands of Pakistan at just a single platform. Brands like dazzle by sarah, julke, afrozeh, magari and BTW are available at LAAM. The amazing sale prices have made LAAM be on top of our list regarding shopping. The fashion consultants available online are going to help you decide the best shoes for your outfit so that you look your best head to toe! Visit LAAM to purchase your favorites!

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