The breast enlargement procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries to be performed in today’s age. The present world can’t get enough of beauty and perfection. And in such a space, women are obvious to feel competitive. Many ladies want to enlarge their breasts to feel less conscious and insecure about the way they look and rebuild their confident selves.

Breast implants are used to change the shape, size, and texture of one’s body. Many women undergo this procedure after mastectomy due to breast cancer or to correct the deformities of the chest wall.


A breast implant is usually of four types-

  • The one with saline water inside silicone pads. The saltwater solution is sometimes present beforehand the surgery, and sometimes it is done on the spot.
  • The other one is a plastic gel- a silicone gel-like substance inside the silicone pads. Women have claimed that this one has a more natural breast-like feel. But if compared with the former, this is prone to much more danger if the silicone gel leaks the implanted pad.
  • The other less popular option is the structured filler. It uses two salt water-filled lumen and nested elastomer silicone shells.
  • Another alternative composite filler uses soy oil or polypropylene string.  

These implants come in various shapes, sizes as well as textures. The choice is open to the patient’s preference and requirement.

The surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia. After numbing the patient, it just takes a few hours to operate.


Unless it is being performed to correct some serious health deformities, breast implants won’t be covered by health insurance. The cost usually depends upon the experience level of the doctor, the location where the patient is having the surgery, and the type of implant being used. The average range is 5000 USD to 10,000 USD.


  • One of the most obvious complications that any surgery can lead to is a negative effect caused due to anesthesia. But risks specific to breast implants include scarring, bleeding, and severe infection.
  • It can even affect the sensory power of the nipple of the patient’s breasts and alter the shape of the breasts in asymmetrical order.
  • The most severe complication that can arise is rupture or leakage of the content of breast implants. In case, your implants that have saline water rupture, the breasts will deflate, causing an obvious visible change. While the surgery’s effort, time, and cost will turn out to be vain, it won’t affect the body negatively, as saltwater will be absorbed by the body.
  • But if you have silicone gel-filled implants, the rupture won’t be visible and will be ‘silent. And the leaked silicone will cause severe implications to your body in the long run.

The most severe complication that can arise is rupture or leakage of the content of breast implants. Though the surgery is not free from risks, a good surgeon will assure you of a complication-free surgery.  The patient usually takes one and a half months to recover post-surgery.


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