Bleach Brave Souls Mod Apk is an MMORPG game from developer studio KLab. This app is similar to the setting of the original Bleach, but not so much like a linear adventure as a sandbox in a big world.

It has several locations that correspond to different chapters of the manga. You gradually grow, complete quests, level up and move on. As part of the game, the user controls one of the heroes of the original work, both from the “good” and “bad” sides.

Introducing Bleach Brave Souls Mod Apk

Bleach Brave Souls mod is a classic class MMO ARPG. Are you interested? Then read our review to the end.

Huge inner world with well-written characters

The story of Bleach Brave Souls mod begins with the main character Ichigo Kurosaki. He helps his father and sister in the shop, goes to school and participates in sports activities. Ichigo differs from his colleagues in that he sometimes sees the spirits of the dead. He doesn’t take this seriously until he finds himself in a delicate situation. Ichigo rescues a girl in a strange kimono – Rukia Kuchiki. She tells him that she belongs to the Soul Society and is working as a Shinigami. Warriors like Rukia capture those who, after being reborn, turn into a hungry and ferocious monster. She leaves her job to Ichigo and he begins to track down the Shinigami.


All in all, we can say that the developers have tried to add an interesting plot taken from the great series. If you’re familiar with this story, it’s a lot more interesting than just watching the player’s actions.

A vast world in the beloved bleach universe

If we forget the fact that the game focuses on multiplayer, this is an official class ARPG with different characters instead of classes. You start the game as Ichigo Kurosaki.

At first, you only have a single skill, but this will change over time. Defeat monsters with combos and don’t let your hero beat you and pick up soul shards. Meet the first boss at the end of the prologue – Rukia is hunting him. You will find yourself in an open world after defeating him. Now you can independently take on quests, kill monsters on the street or go to Soul Society. On completing missions, you unlock active heroes by pumping and buying chests.

Interact with other users

Many games in this format are not focused on using multiplayer. However, Bleach Brave Souls allows you to choose the direction of development for yourself. If you want to fight other players in real time, then the action takes place in a special arena. Do not forget to form a strong squad to defeat any opponent. To win the battle, you will get skill points, ranking and other rewards. Try to go a long way to becoming a real champion.

However, you have the ability to join forces with allies. Use this when going to fight raid bosses. These competitors claim a whole bunch of users, but they can offer impressive rewards. Each location has its own raid boss.


Graphics and sound

Bleach Brave Souls hack has anime style 3D graphics. The game is beautiful, but if you don’t like the break and charm of the series of the same name, the project will be difficult to follow your preferences. The game has translations into many languages, but it’s worth noting that translations into some of them still leave much to be desired.

Description of Bleach Brave Souls Mod

Please download and install Bleach Brave Souls mod apk with special mod menu. Here you can set the attack and defense stats of the characters to your liking. Furthermore, it is possible to take advantage of the absence of the skill CD and the anti-heat option.

Download Bleach Brave Souls hack Mod Apk for android new version

Bleach Brave Souls deserves attention at TECHTODOWN. The battles here are very dynamic, although sometimes monotonous, the pump is not too heavy, but demanding on the user. None of this matters, though, as the game is certainly justified by its setup. There are hardly any good franchise projects, so this app is a must-have for all fans of the series.

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