An easy and fun way to earn a huge amount of money these days is by being an Influencer on Social Media. Everyone is trying their luck in the influencer market but only few are getting success.  Being an influencer seems an easy task as you just have to post videos and pictures of yourself and gain followers. But is it that easy to entice people to follow you?. Many new influencers are struggling with gaining followers. The game is that your product endorsement and product placement depends upon the number of followers. 

Since you can only earn money when you have a reasonable amount of people on your follower list. Your success depends on your followers and attracting thousands of followers is not an easy job. Influencers work very hard for those videos and to gain followers.

10 Ways To Be An Influencer On Social Media

Although in order to gain followers many newbies adopt ways that affect their reputation and give them bad fame. However, many gain followers by some simple techniques but their fame is good and reputable. Thus, to help you in gaining followers and win the fame game we will tell you different techniques of being a good influencer on social media and earn plenty of money from it. 

  • Pick a niche
  • Create relevant posts
  • Buy all equipment
  • Audience engagement
  • Consider the useful comments from viewers
  • Regularity
  • Level up the game of hashtags
  • Collaborate with successful influencers
  • Let brands know about your existence and availability

Choose Your Niche

It is important and one of the basic steps to select your niche before starting your page. What do you like and on what theme do you want to get work on?. First of all, look at different influencers and what categories they are working in. Some might be a beauty blogger, others work as a travel blogger and some are working as a cooking expert. There are several niches that you can select from such as:

  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Sports
  • Beauty
  • Health and Fitness
  • Entertainment
  • Technology 

After thorough research select your niche, one on which you can create most of the content. Select your niche according to your interest and knowledge so that you can add your creativity to it as much as you want.

Pick A Platform

You need to choose your platform, from where you want to start. Your niche will help you in choosing a platform. For example, if you want to be a fashion blogger, Instagram can work well for you. If you have chosen an entertainment niche then TikTok and YouTube would be great for you. Pick up a platform that suits your niche and from where you want to start the work.

Create Relevant Posts

After you have selected your niche, plan your content accordingly. Since in starting you need to update the page on a daily basis to make the existence of your page prominent among the users and viewers. Therefore, you need to plan way ahead before starting your page. C

Create a weekly to-do list about the content and stories you will update on your page. With such a list, you will never be out of content for your page. 

Buy All Equipment

An influencer for different videos and stories needs several instruments such as a ring light, a Phone with a good camera, a mic, and a good background to shoot videos. Buy a good quality ring light because it will help you in so many things for instance shooting a video, doing a product review, taking good pictures. Razer ring lights are good for this purpose.

A mic is very important for videos in which you interact with the audience. Or videos in which you need to speak. Through mic, your audience will hear you clearly and it will build their interest in your content. The more the audience finds your content interesting the more followers you will get. Boya microphones are very good and reliable for this purpose.

Although there are many phones available in the market, finding a good phone with a good camera at an affordable price is very difficult. Realme C21 will do the work for you as it costs only 21,599 PKR and the main camera comes with a triple camera setup with a wideness of 13MP and a depth of 2MP+2MP. The phone will give you amazing quality videos and pictures at such a cheap price.

Audience Engagement

Involving the audience is one of the most effective ways to gain followers. Make them feel heard and valuable. You can engage the audience in different ways such as by coming live on your page and answering their questions. Additionally, you can add interactive stories and posts in which your audience feels the urge to reply or answer. 

One of the mistakes that most of the newbies make on their page is that they do put interactive stories or posts but when their followers reply to them they never acknowledge it. It makes them feel ignored and unheard; therefore, make sure to always answer them.

However, In starting days when you don’t have a huge following try to answer all of them but afterward when you gain a large number of followers, it would be difficult for you to answer them all. Therefore, in such cases reply to a few of them and then create a general post for everyone in order to acknowledge their answers or replies.

Consider The Useful Comments From Viewers

You need to see what your followers like the most from your different types of content and what they disliked. Don’t take any of the criticisms personally but use them as constructive criticism to improve your content accordingly. Track the likes and dislikes of your audience and improvise with it.


It is very important to be regular and consistent with your posts because it will increase the number of viewers on your page. When you post daily your posts reach various people and it increases the chances of you getting followers. Even if you have gained enough followers, to keep up with the interest of your existing followers you need to post daily.

The to-do task will help you in creating the consistency of the content of your page and keep your existing followers entertained.

Level Up The Game of Hashtag

No matter how much hard work you are doing while making the content, it only becomes valuable when it reaches the correct audience. Thus, a hashtag is one of the ways that make your content visible to the right audience.

Always make sure to use the correct hashtags for your content and write only the relevant hashtags for getting the audience to your specific post.

Collaboration With Successful Influencers

Another way to make yourself noticeable and gain followers is to collaborate with people who are already famous and have quite a good amount of followers. Through collaboration, their followers will learn about your page and your content. This will allow you to gain popularity and followers simultaneously.

Let Brands Know About Your Existence And Availability

This step comes after you gain a reasonable amount of followers. You need to tell the brands that you are ready for collaboration. You can do this by adding it on your bio for example, you can write “ for collaboration contact xyz”, this will allow them to understand that you are ready for the collaboration process.

Furthermore, you can also message different brands and tell them what you can offer to them and how they can benefit from your posts and content.

Let’s Start

Start the fame game from today by planning and writing everything. Do thorough research to achieve your success quickly and start earning the money of your hard work. Let us know in the comments below any important tactics that you might know to help the newbies. Also click here if you want get information about upcoming Samsung smartphones of coming year 2022.


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