When it comes to wanting your bed to be super comfortable and super luxurious, you always tend to want to get your bed to look like one of those being put on the front of a magazine. However, the thought of even trying to get all those components onto your bed, some of which you might not have even heard of, can be quite challenging and overwhelming. In order to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the items you can place on your bed and some of the common properties of each.


When it comes to the foundation of a bed, a mattress is an absolute must and everyone knows. Selecting the right type of mattress, on the other hand, is another hassle. However, with some patience and understanding of the different kinds available, it will be easier for you to select the ideal kind for your beauty sleep. There are tons of options available such as spring, water and even medicated, making your options


One of the most vital items to place is obviously, your pillows. Ensuring you are able to place your head in a gentle manner means that a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. But when it comes to how many should be included, it can be quite challenging to find the answer. Truthfully, the number depends on your personal preferences. It can be two big ones with two small cushions in the front. Just make sure not to overload your bed with pillows!


Another basic yet important component of a bed is selecting the right sheet for it. With a range to choose from such as cotton, silk and polyester, finding the right material and size for your bed is what will ensure you have a restful sleep. Bed linen is yet another comfortable type you can choose from. Just as your options are various, so can the look of your bed.

your Bed
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Soft and snuggle-worthy, these are soft and cushioned covers that even ensure that you have less trouble making your bed. Duvets can be filled with feathers, wool and any other alternative of your choice.


Perfect for cold climates or if you just need to feel cosy in order to ease yourself into sleep, spreading a thin blanket just below your Duvet will not only add layers to your bed but will also add depth to its look.

Duvet cover

These are a protective cover that goes over your duvet, making it easier to take care of your duvet by keeping it neat and clean. As duvets themselves can be a bit difficult to clean, these covers make it easier for you to maintain them as the covers themselves are easy to wash and can also be removed with ease.

Now that you know the different types of items you can place on your bed, colour coordinating them along with some well-planned arrangement will ensure your bed looks beautiful and luxurious.


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