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Birth control Abortion pills are sold in boxes containing 21 pills. In monophasic Abortion pills in Dubai online pills, a day of the week is written for each pill on the back of the medicine package. The first drug is usually taken on the first day of menstrual bleeding. However, if it is start to be taken within the first 5 days of bleeding, it does not lose anything from its effect.

If you start taking the pill from the day on the back of the pack, you can more easily check whether you miss a pill or not. For example, if your menstrual bleeding start on Wednesday, you should start by taking one of the pills that says Wednesday on the back of the package and then follow the order. If you are using a multiphasic pill, you should definitely start with the pill that says 1 on the back.

21 pills are taken, one per day. When using the pills, care should be taken to take them at almost the same times of the day. But it is unnecessary to be too strict here. 3-4 hour differences in pill intake during the day do not cause a problem. Although taking the pills Abortion pills in Dubai online on a full stomach reduces the risk of nausea, taking them into the blood with or without food does not change their effectiveness.

Abortion pills in Dubai Online

To summarize again, only when starting the first box, pills are start within the first 5 days of menstruation. Then it is use as a continuous use

When the pills use for 21 days are finish, the drug intake is interrupt for one week. After a one-week break, a new box is start. Menstrual bleeding begins 3-4 days after taking the last pill. There is no nee to wait for the end of menstrual bleeding to start a new box. A new box is start on the eighth day, 7 days after the end of the previous box, whether or not the bleeding is over.

 of a box and a break for a week. In this way, menstrual bleeding occurs regularly every 28 days. There is no bleeding during the period of drug use.

Irregularity and confusion are experience during a break of at most 7 days. One may be confuse on what day to start the new box. To eliminate this risk and to establish the habit of taking pills from Get abortion pills in Dubai every day without a break, some brands have 28 pills instead of 21. In these brands, the first 21 pills contain estrogen and progesterone, while the last 7 pills do not contain any active ingredients and their color is different from the others (usually brown). These pills mostly contain iron. There is no break when using drugs containing 28 pills, and a new box is immediately start when the box is finish. While taking the last 7 pills that do not contain active substance, menstrual bleeding begins. Medicines containing such 28 pills are rarely get in our country.


If the first box is start within the first five days of menstrual bleeding and no pill is forgotten and use without skipping, the protection starts with the first pill. No additional protection is require when using the first box. It is frequently among the questions sent by email whether the protection continues in the 7-day period. when the Get abortion pills in Dubai pill intake is interrupt. There is no such decrease in protection. And it is unnecessary to abstain from intercourse or apply additional protection during the seven-day interrupt period. However, if a new box is not start at the end of seven days, theoretically, the protection of the drug ends and there is a risk of becoming pregnant.


The pill is a very effective method. Considering all methods, the most effective reversible contraceptive method is pills.

All birth control methods have theoretical and practical protections. The difference is due to personal differences and user errors. When use properly, the protection of oral contraceptives is 99.96%. The chance of failure, that is, the occurrence of pregnancy despite the use of the pill, is less than one in 1,000. On the other hand, the practical protection rate is around 97%. Even this rate is higher than the theoretical protection of many other methods.

birth control pills
Abortion pills in Dubai Online


One of the biggest known mistakes about birth control pills is that it is necessary to rest the body by stopping the use of pills at certain intervals. The origin of this superstition is unknown. While it was an old recommendation, it has become a habit. Probably to reduce some of the side effects experience with the use of old-generation pills and to prevent the patient from avoiding the use of pills. This wrong belief exists not only in our country but also in many develop countries. Research has shown that such a “break” is not necessary. There is only one effect of interrupting the use of pills in order to rest the body, and that is the emergence of an un want pregnancy.

Older generation birth control pills containing high amounts of estrogen are not use in women. Over the age of 35 due to the increase risk of life-threatening side effects.

Recent studies have reveal that low-dose pills can be use safely for long periods of time. Therefore, new generation oral contraceptives containing low doses of estrogen can be use until menopause.

A woman protect by oral contraceptives can continue to use it without interruption until she decides to have children.


Many women forget to take the Get abortion pills in Dubai pill from time to time . In this case, the protection of the pill may decrease and un want pregnancies may be seen.


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