When sales continuously go down and a brand starts under-performing, it’s hard to bring it back to life but you can through digital transformation. With low morale and hope for recovery, it takes great strength to make a comeback, but if you can identify gaps and learn from your mistake, you can make up for the loss. 

One way to do that is to opt for digital transformation. It not only lets you make better decisions but helps in multiple other areas. To emphasize how valuable it can be, we bring to you 8 ways you can use it to revive your failing brand. 

8 ways to bring your brand back to life through digital transformation 

Below are 8 key ideas that can help you revive your brand through digital means. 

  1. Create a website 
  2. Work on efficiency
  3. Get more control over data 
  4. Connect to your audience through social media
  5. Offer a great user experience for improved brand reputation
  6. Create a great experience for employees
  7. Communicate better
  8. Become transparent 

Now let’s discuss the above points in detail: 

Create a website

If you are observing a downfall in sales, it might be because of the lack of a professional website. If you don’t own one or have a website that isn’t working, you should consider building one for your brand that resonates with the public and appealingly showcases your products. 

The images, videos, content, design, etc. should be optimized so that your site ranks higher on search engines. Through a website, you will gain access to an unlimited number of customers from different regions around the world and you can market your brand across borders. 

If you need a helping hand you can opt for eCommerce website development in Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc. These regions offer great services at very affordable price ranges. 

Work on efficiency

One of the things you can do to revive your business is to work on efficiency. While it seems like a vague term, it is an essential quality of any successful company. If your company has been performing badly for a long time, it might be because you are poorly using resources and time. 

To avoid that, you can use an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The system works on ERP software where all the processes needed to run the company are integrated into one place. The system can integrate:

  • Sales
  • Human Resource 
  • Marketing 
  • Finance 
  • Inventory
  • Planning etc.

Get more control over data 

Data is a precious resource in today’s age. It can help companies in understanding their past, their present status, and what lies in the future. But, it’s not just about collecting data, but the way it’s organized and stored also matters. 

If you haven’t seen any positive outcomes from your data analysis, you can revive through digital transformation. There is multiple software that creates a system to efficiently collect, securely store and analyze data. Through them, you can understand where you are going wrong and how you can make a comeback. 

Through data analytics, you can come closer to your audience, what they like and how to attract them towards your brand. 

Connect to your audience through social media

With over 3.6 Billion reported users in 2020, social media isn’t a platform to be missed. Many popular business owners in the world use only social media to market their brands. That includes Kylie Jenner who only uses Snapchat and Instagram to boost her business. 

While you might not be as famous as her, the power of social media can greatly help you bring your business to life. You can create a loyal fan base, connect to your customers at a deeper level, and create a smart inbound marketing approach through social media. 

Another benefit is that with time you will develop strong relationships with customers and that will help you market your brand organically without spending a lot of money. 

Offer a great user experience for improved brand reputation

A great user experience is something successful brands never compromise on. In today’s age of digital transformation, users are so used to the best technology that the standard of “good user experience” has become very high. There are so many options, brands, websites, and products out there that it takes just a few minutes for a user to reject a brand and move on to the next. 

To rise in such a time is hard but if you work on features like website loading time, mobile-friendliness, a smooth shopping experience, a secure payment procedure, etc. You can gain control over your revenues and move ahead of the competition. 

To do that, you will need to work on the IT infrastructure of your company, adopt agile IT services and networking capabilities.  

Create a great experience for employees

A company depends on its employees for success. If different teams and employees don’t communicate, collaborate and share ideas, the company can never move forward. Therefore, as a business owner, you must promote the use of digital tools and techniques in the workplace. 

The tools should be suited to the unique needs of each employee and should encourage a productive atmosphere. You will require trained personnel for the job who know how to operate certain software and who can work on certain platforms, so make sure you recruit such talent in your company. 

Communicate better

Communication is key to positive work culture. If the teams in your company communicate timely, they can meet both short and long-term goals and can grow together. Imagine if a customer runs into an issue and the relevant team delays communicating the problem! Because of that small delay, the customer can lose trust and faith in your brand and may never come back. 

To avoid that you need to make sure both remote and onsite teams can communicate as fast as possible. For that, you can try a Voice over internet protocol (VOIP).  It is a cloud-based system that provides a fast means to communicate with your entire company. It is a digital phone system that allows the following:

  • Low cost international and national calls
  • Mobile optimization
  • Call forwarding and scheduling 
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual assistance etc. 

With communication in real-time, teams can work faster, resolve issues quickly, and perform at their best. 

Become transparent 

A large-scale company consists of multiple teams working together. If you follow an ERP system as explained before, you can identify trends and patterns that you might not have noticed otherwise. Through an ERP system, you know what is happening in each department, how each employee is performing, and how the whole setup can be improved. 

Teams can transparently interact with each other, as each team is aware of what’s happening in other departments. That helps in better communication and teamwork. Without ERP, it’s easier to misinterpret data and provide misleading information to departments. That can severely damage your brand. 


In this article, we went through 8 ways digital transformation can save your brand. The first thing is to have a digital presence online and that is possible through a robust website. Then work on a better user experience and connect with your audience through social media. 

If you work on the right tools to manage data, you can spot possible loopholes, errors, dead-ends, and unnecessary elements within your brand. Thus, make sure to incorporate an efficient data collection, analysis, and storage system that lets you understand your brand and customers better. 

To enhance team efficiency follow an ERP system, make work culture-positive and agile, promote transparency and communicate through digital means for real-time response.


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