Blue sapphire, also referred to by the names of Neelam, Neelamani, Indraneel or Neela Pukhraj. It is a valuable gemstone that has immense power to solve mental, emotional, and financial issues that the wearer faces. It is part of the Corundum mineral family, and Vedic theology of astrology considers it the most powerful gemstone in existence in the present. In this article, we will discuss seven incredible features of Blue sapphire that each one of us ought to be aware of

Astrological benefits

Blue sapphire is under the control of the powerful god Saturn and has the ability to enhance the life of the wearer in a flash. However, an improper application of the gemstone could ruin him as well. The stone provides wearers with immense rewards in their work or business and calms and removing its negative influences in the Horoscope. Other benefits of astrology associated with Blue sapphire include the ability to bring fame and fortune to the wearer’s creative initiatives or political goals. Furthermore, People beleive that Neelam stone can strengthen weak Saturn and enthralls the wearer with prosperity and health. 

Healing Properties

People associate Blue Sapphire with love and purity. It helps to improve the wearer’s throat chakra as well as assists in the ability of a person to communicate. Additionally, it helps the wearer to continue on the path of spirituality and to experience the ultimate healing of the mind and body by removing any blockages that hinder it. 

Blue Sapphire Origins

One can find Mines from Blue sapphires throughout Kashmir (India), Myanmar, Sri Lanks, Madagascar, Thailand, and America. Sapphires of blue found in Kashmir are the most coveted in terms of quality due to the royal blue color as well as the velvety texture. The Sri Lankan Ceylon blue sapphire are also of a very high quality.


People associate Birthstones with the birth month. Each month is associated with one or several gemstones. Blue sapphire happens to be the gemstone that is associated with the birth of September. In the past, it was believed the stone protected your loved family members from any damage. It also symbolized the trust and loyalty of one another. 

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Blue Sapphire Price

Due to its high popularity, the blue sapphire can be found in the range of between Rs2,500 and Rs2,00,000 per carat ($40 to $3080). The most expensive quality of Neelam stone, known as the Kashmiri blue sapphire can go as high as Rs50,000-R5,00,000 ($750 up to $790) due to its true blue color. However, you can find Ceylon blue sapphire Ceylon blue sapphire is available between Rs2,500 and Rs2,00,000.00 for a carat ($40 to $3080). 

Four factors to consider when choosing the best Blue Sapphires:


Much is dependent on the cut and the form of the Neelam stone. Fine cuts can boost the luminosity that the sapphire blue shines a number of times. Additionally the oval or circular blue sapphire stone that is shaped like an oval is less expensive than the square or any other custom-designed stone.


Getting a crystal transparent Stone is very rare because visible inclusions will always be present due to the geological effect. Thus, a crystal-clear blue stone is expensive.


As stated earlier royal blue, also known as ‘true blue’ sapphires can be among the most sought-after ones. They are dazzlingly bright stones and much more expensive than blue sapphires, which are too dark or gray.

Carat weight:

is an uncommon opportunity to find a stone with both the highest carat weight and clarity at the same time. Thus, for Neelams prices can be as high as million dollars.

Blue Sapphire works with gold or Silver Metal

Astrologers from the field recommend wearing a blue sapphire using only silver or gold. It is recommended to have it set with an earring made of silver or gold and place it on the middle of your right hand. It is also possible to transform it as a pendant, or bracelet depending on your personal preferences. The most important thing is that the blue sapphire needs to touch the skin of the wearer to benefit from its properties.


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