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It’s a fact. We are able to protect our planet with actions. It isn’t possible to do this without education for the masses and bringing awareness to environmental issues. And this includes all of us from neighbors to parents to strangers. How can we efficiently and efficiently get the message out there about the environmental issues?

Here are six strategies to increase awareness of environmental issues in children.

1) Participate in a Rally or march

A strike is an effective method of attracting attention. Take a look at movements such as 2017’s People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C. The same thing took place in the year 2019 when millions of people around the world came together in their own countries prior to attending the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit. The events garnered major media coverage.

If you’re unable to locate an event to join, meet with like-minded people to plan your own. There are climate activists all over the globe, so you don’t need to work hard to locate people who are willing to contribute. Make sure to announce your event in advance and frequently to ensure you get the highest attendance.

Rallies and marches are particularly effective when there are local issues with regard to climate change that you can organize around. If you’d like to know more about how to create an event that is successful, such as a marches or rally take a look at getting advice from young climate activists who have held and participated in rallies or marches to support the planet.

2) Use Social Media

We are all aware of the power of social media. They can be used as tools that can help you to educate the masses. It may not seem like much to follow post, comment, or share however you’ll be amazed at the impact these actions can have. All you need is one tweet to shift your perception.

Make sure you use your online presence to your advantage. A simple, digestible blog post that contains accurate details can be a huge help. If you’re not able to write that post then you must look for accounts on social media which promote sustainable living and talk about issues related to the environment. You can then connect with these pages and also share their content.

Be aware of the content you post on social media, too since some promote sustainability, but are also going on trips to destinations that are not sustainable and have sent confusing messages for their fans. The spread of awareness on social media can often backfire, such as the slow lorises that have increased demand for pets, which could place this species at risk of being extinct.

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3) Contact Elected Officials

Our elected representatives have more power than any other. They create and sign laws that become law. It’s essential that we elect people who care about our environment. If you contact them and express your concerns, you can be a good citizen to spread awareness of environmental issues.

If you’ve got a problem you’d like to resolve it is best to contact your legislators from the state and local levels by email or telephone. They may already have an answer, but you have to ensure that they are accountable for their actions in any case. It is also advisable to know about their background so you are aware of whether you should choose them for elections to come.

4) We recommend Books and Movies

It’s sometimes difficult to understand the impact of the effects of climate change. It doesn’t affect us in ways that we can immediately sense, hear, or feel. It’s possible that the world is warming up, but it’s not really a big deal to people who aren’t experts. In this regard, it is advisable to suggest media that can help your loved ones to understand the effects of climate change in a more tangible way.

Take a look at “Our Planet” or “Before the Flood” for your next film evening. You could also lend books like “The Inhabitable Earth” to family members. These are more accessible and interesting methods for people to gain knowledge about the effects of climate change.

Reading is also a fantastic opportunity to let people of all ages test their thoughts and gain knowledge from the opinions of others. If it’s encouraging your kids to learn about the natural world and wildlife, or starting the book club where you read the most recent non-fiction titles on climate as well as the natural world, but reading books can aid us in understanding more about our position within the global community.

5) Be More Appropriate

Sometimes, activists appear to be untouchable. In the event that you’re using buzzwords such as “net-zero” but don’t explain the meaning behind them and why they’re important, don’t expect people to pay attention to the things you’re saying. Your message will not be believable. Anyone who adapts their message in this manner will reach more people.

This does not involve “dumbing down” specific concepts. Simply speaking to others in a language that they can understand. Try to include more simple words in your repertoire. It is also possible to use stories and anecdotes in order to keep things private. These methods will have an impact.

6) Write articles and create videos

Are you creative? If yes, then you must think about publishing material to increase awareness of environmental issues. This strategy is especially beneficial when you wish to shed light on unexplored issues. There’s always a need for articles and videos that show how people can be a positive influence.

Select topics that you think people should know about. It is possible to use websites like blogs or YouTube to share your content. In the end, you’ll need an arsenal of content that can help in bringing awareness. It is impossible to have enough information about climate change.

Use your social media profiles to advertise your content. There’s a greater chance that people will view your content in this way. You may also contact magazines to find out if you’ll be mentioned.


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